GeoFrame is an industry-standard software package produced by Schlumberger GeoQuest for managing and analyzing borehole and seismic data. It has been. Fill Geoframe Manual, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. GeoFrame Bedrock server User Manual – Ocean – Read more about petrel, geoframe, dialog, survey, server and selected.

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The values gfoframe derived from the epithermal neutron ENPI data by adding a maximum-thermal-absorbereffect of 10 p. ELANPlus logic assumes that the volume of minerals and associated porosities are the same in the flushed zone and the uninvaded zone, but it does not make any assumption about the fluid volume relationships. Note the large positive value of Uncertainty is the inverse of a weighting factor.

DUG Insight User Manual

Uncertainties in this discussion relate speci? The interpretation makes sense only when everyone can understand what went into it. It is often possible to provide usable default values for? An example is the following gamma ray response equation. In other situations where the units are not supplied and are not obvious from context, assume English units. Rocks are considered to be user-de?

How do I manually remove the Petrel Link? A neutron porosity of 1. See Table 23 for manial parameters used in it. Borehole pressure in psi is nanual to be 0. I have a great idea for Insight!

How to get interpretation into Petrel | Frequently Asked Questions | DUG Insight User Manual

See Constant Tools on page 69 for more information about constant tool parameters. It lumps together the neutron value for gas and the excavation correction. They will always have a default value of Absent.


For more detail on how the program determines salinity values, see the section on Rules for Initialization of Salinity-Dependent Parameters. Shear velocities or slownesses also are not explicitly handled. If there are more independent equations than unknowns, the system is overdetermined, and some means must be employed to settle any disagreements among the equations.

Where are the old Insight user manuals? Mouse Buttons These conventions are used to indicate which mouse button to click: Salinity corrections are part of the final solution. The Special Fluids parameter provides the additional information. Unfortunately, the use of any speci? The nonlinear neutron response equation is given by the following equation: This assumption is always added along with the other tools in a model.

In the Waxman-Smits equation B decreased with decreasing salinity.

How to get interpretation into Petrel This is a quick reference guide of the formats best suited to transfer data into Petrel. How do I pick events on absolute impedance and other non-zero mean data? Such results are often used to judge the log analysis, which normally is in wet units, making the comparison less than ideal.

The preceding equation assumes a similar porosity in the sands and the shales. How do I transfer an on-the-fly horizon to Petrel?

How do I perform an amplitude extraction between two horizons? If veoframe are interested in attaining this module, contact our sales team at sales dugeo. One example is a model, solving for gas in a gas zone, that finds no gas effect on the density-neutron measurements yet has a Constant Tool defining a similar volume of hydrocarbons in both flushed and uninvaded zones. The presence of pyrite, for example, can be important in volumes as low as a few percent.


For example, you might constrain the results to match results known from some other source, such as core analyses. There are two unknowns geofrxme be solved: It is generally impossible to draw a straight line through the data when more points are added, though, especially in any system where the measurements points may include some noise.

It is a good idea to run the computation at least once without any constraints to see how it looks before you start imposing your idea of what the solution should be. Figure 4 shows the same data as Figure 3, but with points A and D assigned a weight of 1 and points B and C assigned a weight of Temperature corrections are made under the following teoframe How do I export polygons from Petrel to import into Insight?

The ratio of bound water to dry clay is assumed to be constant for each clay. An exception might be made either if the uncertainty of the tool is being driven by a curve at least partly determined by hole rugosity, or if you very carefully zone the uncertainty parameter.

How can I create a simple velocity model for 2D data? It is a function of temperature and the salinity of the water surrounding the clay. Conductivity equations need to know a little bit more about how to treat such user-de?

The mdw has a default value of 1. But consider that the shale might be a source rock. If a model includes an undisturbed-zone?

Generally, the deep and shallow zones are linked mathematically by a Constant Tool, which ampli?