Gallium arsenide pieces, % trace metals basis; CAS Number: AsGa; find Sigma-Aldrich MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical. SAFETY DATA SHEET. GALLIUM ARSENIDE OPTICAL CRYSTAL. According to Regulation (EC) No/ (REACH). Revision MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET. I. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION. Trade Name: Gallium Arsenide. Synonym: Gallium Monoarsenide. Formula: GaAs. CAS #.

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The above information is believed to be correct but does not purport to be all inclusive and shall be used only as a guide. If breathed in, move person into fresh air. For US version, EU version 23 languages and more, please refer to xixisys.

Overall summary evaluation of haas risk to humans is Group msxs As a wide direct band gap material with resulting resistance to radiation damage, GaAs mads an excellent material for outer space electronics and optical windows in high power applications. GaAs has been used to produce near-infrared laser diodes since For manufacturing solar cells, silicon has relatively low absorptivity for sunlight, meaning about micrometers of Si is needed to absorb most sunlight.

P Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.

Gallium arsenide (GaAs) (cas ) msds download –

GaAs can be used for various transistor types: Do not let product enter drains. Containers can be triply rinsed or equivalent and taas for recycling or reconditioning. Semiconductor Devices Physics and Technology. Evacuate personnel to safe areas. In contrast, the absorptivity of GaAs is so high that only a few micrometers of thickness are needed to absorb all of the light. Such good mechanical characteristics also make it a suitable material for the rapidly developing field of nanoelectronics.


Msdx Chemistry of the Semiconductor Industry. Cover gaae burns with dry sterile dressings after decontamination The type of protective equipment must be selected according to the concentration and amount of the dangerous substance at the specific workplace.

Protect container against physical damage. Gallium arsenide GaAs is a compound of the elements gallium and arsenic.

Such a layer is relatively robust and easy to handle. Mechanical Specifications Gallium arsenide can be supplied as ingots or ingot sections or as-cut, etched or polished wafers. Tighter electrical ranges are available on request.

Journal of Crystal Growth. Also many solar cars utilize GaAs in solar arrays. In addition, a Si crystal has a very stable structure and can be grown to very large diameter boules and processed with very good yields. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Gallium arsenide. Concerns over GaAs’s susceptibility to heat damage have been raised, but it has been speculated that certain manufacturers would benefit from such limitations, considering the planned obsolescence cycle that many consumer electronics are designed to follow.

Aug 12, Revision Date: Gallium arsenide single crystals can be prepared by three industrial processes: Gallium arsenide GaAs is an important semiconductor material for high-cost, high-efficiency solar cells and is used for single-crystalline thin film solar cells and for multi-junction solar cells.


I am pretty sure that it is a carcinogen. Silicon dioxide can be incorporated onto silicon circuits easily, and such layers are adherent to the underlying silicon.

If you do not see the specification you require, please ask for details Download PDF datasheet. It does not represent any guarantee of the properties of the product. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Skin protection Wear impervious clothing.

Semiconductor laser theory Laser diode rate equations. Wash and dry hands.


Alternative methods for producing films of GaAs include: I work with GaAs wafers, but I’m not a safety guy, so I’m sure there’s a lot more you need to know. Uses advised against no data available 1.

When heated to decomposition, this compound emits very toxic fumes of arsenic. Silicon is a pure element, avoiding the problems of stoichiometric imbalance and thermal unmixing of GaAs. If a GaAs boule is grown with excess arsenic present, it gets certain defectsin particular arsenic antisite defects an arsenic atom at a gallium atom site within the crystal lattice. GaAs is often used as a substrate material for the epitaxial growth of other III-V semiconductors including indium gallium arsenidealuminum gallium arsenide and others.

Establish a patent airway. The surface can be passivated by depositing a cubic gallium II sulfide layer using a tert-butyl gallium sulfide compound such as t BuGaS 7.