Fluke a AC Voltage Calibrator Teardown and Repair – Page 1. In summary, the manual puts it best: “DEATH ON CONTACT may result if. FLUKE SA. MAR 3 0 .. temperature using an rms responding meter, ( Fluke B . control is obtained via the A (Manual or Remote Mode). A AC Calibrator for a combined output ranging . The Static Sensitive (S.S.) devices are identified in the Fluke technical manual parts list with the symbol.

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When the tests are complete and any fault located repaired, return to step The A amplitude accuracy statement refers in all instances to the rms value of the output which is, ideally a pure sine wave.

Perform the equipment set-up procedure in paragraph Using the procedures, and packaging and bench techniques flu,e are recommended. As current drawn from the V regulator, through resistor R61, increases, the current through Q19 in- creases, decreasing fluks through Q The millivolt amplitude calibration procedure requires the voltages be checked by a ratio method between ranges.

Fluke A Calibrator Service and User Manual

520a Amplifier Assembly Voltages Ranges, paragrpah The buffer amplifier has a high impe- dance input to minimize IR drop in the sense leads. Alge- braically add it to the reading of step f. The output range of the Power Ampli- fier is controlled by a mnaual from pin 2 of U10 sheet 2. If a 2 Watt carbon resistor is used for the load, leave connected only long manuak to measure the regulation.

If desired, a spectrum analyzer may be used to test frequencies above kHz using a method similar manuall that detailed in paragraph A. The output should be at least 2. The dc sense signal is then compared summed with an amplitude reference voltage of the opposite polarity and a difference error voltage is produced to adjust the oscillator amplitude to the proper value. Overload Test If any failure occurs, the following steps should be taken: Each cable should be 12 inches long with a BNC male connector on one end and a GR double banana plug on the other.


Even though the —20 Volt supply is not used, its presence should be checked since it can effect the other supplies if shorted. If not present at either point, check the power supply output and for loading. Set the oscilloscope to external trigger and the input mode flluke chop. Coax Extension Cables 2 ea. The frequency accuracy of the A may be veri- fied using the following procedure. Note that no connection to chassis is provided at the two rear panel Attenuator output connectors.

The Power Supply Assembly supplies all of the dc operating voltages for the rest of the A. This notice explains how you can minimize the chances of destroying such devices by: Transistor Q13 will apply a low to pins 12 and 13 of N AND gate U12, 52000a pins 35 and 25 of connector P40 will go high and low, respectively.

An inspection of the flhke matic will show that this is the case.

When the loading is removed, return to the step that originated the transfer. At highest frequency 1. Oscillator amplitude control is a func- tion of feedback from the output of the quadrature ampli- fier contained in the Oscillator assembly to the input of the summing amplifier, effecting an adjustment in phase shift around the loop to fkuke a means of oscillator amp- litude adjustment.

Repeat steps f and g above with the load fluoe.

Resistor R9 is a potentiometer used for calibration purposes. This causes pin 2 of U9 to go low, activating the A. The upper connector provides a sig- nal which leads the fundamental main output by 90 de- grees and which has an amplitude proportional to that of the selected fundamental output. When the external sense function is not being used, the front panel SENSE switch must be in the INT position in order to prevent higher- than-selected output voltages.


The comparison of the quadrature amplifier output to the amplitude control voltage creates a secondary control loop, and is provided for by a diode switch operated indirectly by the Oscillator out- put signal. Relay K4 would open, removing the AC Sense signal from the input of the buffer amplifier.


Transistors Q17 and Q18 are driven by Q1 5 of the mid-stage amplifier. This warranty shall not apply to fuses, disposable batteries rechargeable type batteries are warranted for daysor any product or parts which have been subject to misuse, neglect, accident, or abnormal conditions of operations.

Coax Test Cables 2 ea. Attenuator Assembly A6 Used for proper grounding during accuracy measurements.

Connect the calibrator to ac power. Does the output frequency change in proportion to the movement of the frequency magnitude switches? The accuracy and sta- bility of the output voltage and frequency are listed in the specifications contained in Section 1.

The inner covers must be installed and firmly secured for these tests. Front pan- el or remote selection of the least significant amplitude digit adds or subtracts positive voltage to or from the inte- grator input, resulting in an adjustment of amplitude con- trol voltage.

The overall dimensions of the unit are shown in Figure Upon receipt of the equipment, a thorough inspection should be made to reveal any possible shipping damage. The enabling signals come from IC gate pack U4 on sheet 1.