Floire et Blancheflor. (ca. and 13th century). This Old French idyllic verse ROMANCE exists in two different versions, the earlier one, sometimes called. Toutes les informations de la Bibliothèque Nationale de France sur: Floire et Blancheflor. OFr. romance relating the love between two children, a Saracen prince and Christian slave-girl. The ‘aristocratic’ version (s) concentrates on luxurious.

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Its theme of separation and reunion of young lovers is the same as that treated in Aucassin et Nicolettethough the roles and religion of the two main characters are reversed. Dated ataccording to the mss. This sets the young man on the search for his beloved, now blancheflot and richly equipped by his father.

Floire et Blancheflor

Toward blancheflro Aesthetic of Reception. The poem also emphasizes the power of romantic love rather than courtly love or divine favor over force of arms to preserve life and ensure a blancheflorr end. University of North Carolina Press, As with most medieval texts, it is important to start with what is given to us in the prologue, and in the case of Floire et Blancheflor, we are given a series of dyadic opposites, ones which, in many ways, justify the readings scholars have proposed until now: The passage also resonates with references to the elaborate description of the river of sardonyx flowing floirf the castle of love found in Velthandros and Chrysandza, a stream so sparkling that Velthandros is temporarily mesmerized while staring at its many gems and the fiery streaks of light coursing through its currents.

The Romance of Floire and Blanchefleur: Floire et Blancheflor relies on many of these same tropes of riches found not only in French pseudo-historical sources like that of Robert de Clari, but also within descriptions of luxury found in later Byzantine fictional narratives like Velthandros and Chrysandza.

However, he cannot bring himself to do the act and instead sends Floris away to school, then sells Blanchefleur to merchants traveling on the way to Cairo called Babylon in the storywhere she is then sold to the emir. The Last Centuries of Byzantium, Consider, for example, the ways in which Muslims and pagans were visually depicted in illustrated romances and historical chronicles of the Crusades. Yet these descriptions are given weight and credence by the depictions of royal life in Constantinople provided not just within other crusader accounts, but also within the Byzantine historical sources themselves.


Felix, King of Al-Andalus Muslim Spainon one of his ventures into Galicia in northwestern Spain attacks a band of Christian pilgrims en route on the Way of St James to the famous medieval pilgrimage shrine of Santiago de Compostela. By reading from within the Greek romances, we are able to see that these ideas of Byzantine splendor might have circulated both within Byzantium itself and throughout the literary landscape of cross-cultural interaction staged in texts like the French Floire et Blancheflor.

The force with which Floire compels his people to convert to Christianity and the burning and beheading of those who refuse to convert coalesce to transform idyllic gardens of Christian love into a smoldering, bloody rubble. Jonathon Shepard and Simon Franklin. It does, however, seem likely that some of the wonders of Byzantium—seen by crusaders and pilgrims since the eleventh century, and brought home by these same people in stories—figure strongly in the medieval French narrative in ways that have not yet been explored.

Floire et Blancheflor 13 to contain and recuperate albeit on a sub-textual level the Byzantines of the historical period in which the romance was written, and this points us in turn toward reconsidering the relations between France and Byzantium when the romance was composed. In many ways, this seems to be the ideological work of the romance, and it is certainly consistent with the ideological goals of conversion stories. Jones, Lynn, and Henry Maguire.

The tale could be originally French, or possibly of Oriental origins, or a synthesis of motifs. The emir holds off killing them on the spot until he holds a council of advisers. Roughly between the period and it was one of the most popular of all the romantic plots.

Translation Theory and Practice in the Middle Ages. For a detailed description of Byzantine cultural terminology and primary historical sources that use these terms, see Kazhdan The Study of Medieval Greek Romance: Floris’s reaction is so severe that Felix tells him the truth. University Press of Florida, Imitation, Rewriting, blanchefloe Transmission in the French Blanchflor. Floire et BlancheflorFrench metrical romance known in two versions from the 12th and 13th centuries and thought to be of Greco-Byzantine or Moorish origin.

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The descriptions of both Robert de Clari and Anna Komnene, however much steeped in hyperbole, celebrate a vision of Byzantium rooted in riches. Skip to main content.

Floris and Blancheflour

Edited by Jean-Luc Leclanche. Academic Traditions and Vernacular Texts.

A History of The Crusades. In the English translations of Velthandros and Chrysandza. He shows clearly how deeply contact with the crusaders had influenced the Byzantine world. Prowess and Wisdom, the Ideal of the Epic Hero.

Project MUSE – The Romance of Floire and Blanchefleur

So impressed are the advisers at the willingness of the young lovers to die for one another that they persuade the emir to spare their lives. Floire et Blancheflor 9 and quirks of fate. Robert concedes that Byzantium is a site of enormous wealth, and that: In his despair Floire is about to commit suicide, but his mother quickly intervenes and later reveals the truth to him.

University of Ottawa Press, University of Tennessee, Floris outplays the watchmen at chess, and according to plan, Floris is smuggled in to the tower in a basket of flowers, but is mistakenly placed in the room of Blanchefleur’s friend Claris. Women, Men, and Eunuchs: Blanks and Michael Frassetto.

Mark Twain, American humorist, journalist, lecturer, and novelist who acquired international fame for…. Scholars and Poets in Byzantium Interpret Heliodorus. On the history of the poem, see the introduction to Hubert, especially p. Christianity becomes territorially and ideologically remunerative, and the pagan court falls away from sight by the end of the story. Beer and Kenneth Lloyd-Jones.

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