The Mystery of Providence has ratings and 64 reviews. K.M. said: Took me a while to fully appreciate the book. The first half focuses a little too mu. John Flavel, Works, vol 4 (Baynes and Son, London, ), pp. Conduct or the Mystery of providence Opened was first published in and has passed. Based on Psalm , ‘The Mystery of Providence’ by John Flavel shows how providence works for us in every stage and experience of our lives. pp.

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But let me quote from the Publisher’s Introduction and from brother Flavel’s text to whet your appetite. A few favorite quotes: I enjoyed this volume. For example, Flavel flacel his readers to thank God’s providence that they were not born in America, that barbarous land, but in England where they were brought up well-instructed in the Christian faith.

The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel – Still Waters Revival Books

There are a few sections early on that are clearly geared toward Flavel’s own time ov place. Having received his early education at the schools of the neighbourhood, he entered University College, Oxford, at an early age, and gained a good reputation for thr and diligence.

Certainly not a good book to give to non-Christians, but then again, that was not the public the writer had in mind. I do like how the author brings the devotional flavor to the subject of God’s providence.

The Mystery of Providence

Sometimes an hour or so per page, as even a mere sentence from Flavel can send my mind into deep meditation on the providences of God and His immense love for me.

Flavel was showing us back in the day, that God has been running things since before time began, and will continue to do so from everlasting to everlasting. This book should be read slowly for maximum understanding and blessing. Great book, so much meat and so much to ponder. He is involved with ever facet of our lives: My favorite doctrine is the Doctrine of Providence.


God is such a mighty and wonderful God! Mar 02, Troy Lizenby rated it it was amazing. The Christian has no excuse not to be eternally grateful to the Lord providencr His providential care of His children. The author also balances discussion about providence and His guidance with the need mysteru the Word of God as the directing norms in our lives, and not use the excuse that providence has allowed us the door to go sin.

Though at times you may be challenged to agree with the authors assertion that no part of your myxtery has been an accident, but planned and arranged by God, if you believe it even in part, the effect is a profound sense of peace. Let us learn that, in an ultimate sense, we can never be ‘outside the will of God’. But the second half is absolutely marvelous in its focus lf faith over fear and trust in the sovereignty of God.

Apr 28, Graham Heslop rated it providemce it. There are books that are written for a particular season of life and experience and then are other books which, although they may be more relevant in particular seasons of life, are whole-life books.

Let us see what God has done and is doing for our spiritual good. First published in and written by John Flavel, this book is one in my Puritan Reading challenge books. So we can rest in Christ, and chill. Pastor John Flavel slowly, but surely exposes this faulty way of thinking.

The Mystery of Providence, John Flavel

It’s a difficult book, at least to me at the time last year. Read this in the early 90s.

You just have to be myatery enough to mine it. Trivia About The Mystery of Pr Storing up those past works of God will give us courage when we face difficult circumstances in the future. It is also a good lesson in being thankful for the mercies of God’s providence, instead of always complaining about what isn’t the way I want it to be.


Thanks for telling us about the myetery. One of the most timely and encouraging books I’ve read in a long time.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Often they are hard and he brings storms to make wreck of our lives. There’s gold on every page. As one can expect from the Puritans, Flavel revels in the wealth and wonder of God’s truth.

Feb 24, Debra rated it it was amazing.

It took me six months to finish this book, but it was worth it. I recommend this book as a slowly-read morning devotional, to alert your heart and mind to God’s hand in your life. Walplate, had become infirm. This was great advice. Please read this book: He discusses the providence of God before we are born, when we are born, whom we are born to, growing up, coming to saving faith and also how we die.

Providene – and this will explain my rating – he is quite repetitious.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Walplate’s assistant by the classis at Salisbury. This is a comforting book, and one I will re-read often in the future.

But for the person who will give the time to apprehend this most sacred of subjects, he will not be disappointed with the assistance of The Mystery of Providence. He continued to minister at Diptford for about six years, succeeding the senior minister when he died, and endearing himself greatly to the people, not only by his earnestness, but by his easy dealings with them in the matter of tithes.

He is in one mind Job