Ajmal Kasab is exhibit A in the case against the country of his birth. What little is known about Kasab (the name literally means butcher), beyond. Ajmal Kasab wali video aap ny dekhi hoga jis mein us ko woh Sikh bata He talked about how a fitna of Zaid hamid is endangering Islam. advanced from Kasab to the mediter- ranean in Yousuf Basil and Tim Hume, “ In Syria,. Dozens guing that it would lead to fitna taifiyya.

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For a time the rebels also held the area of Burj 45 yuosaf 45″ to the south of Kasab and leading the way to Latakia city itself, but this place has fifna been reclaimed by regime forces. By Afrah Jamal November 01, In line with the regime’s narrative, Ali Kayali told me that the rebels are “terrorists” who have been sent over the border by the Turkish government under the “Salafi dictator” Erdogan.

His reputation seems to have suffered from his release from a Russian jail in after only two years in custody, leading to rumors about collaboration with the authorities. Mursi order gives army right to arrest, suspends t Argentine 1 USA Tagged: Yesterday, 14 febwhile I was on my walk I received a message on my cell to come immediately to Jamat ud Dawa headquarters in Islamabad.

View this document on Scribd. Consequently, the service nimbly skipped past the one proposed change that was going to have a profound effect on the lives of countless young girls and would forever alter the way society perceived their womenfolk.

fitna yousaf kasab pdf to jpg

The second is the Suqur al-Sahara ‘Desert Falcons’: The terrorist threat from these little-understood networks will affect all European countries with a substantial Chechen diaspora. The attorney general accused them of having supported the organization with money and recruits.


It remains an unsolved riddle why the Russians, who are known for their harsh treatment of suspected terrorists, released him at all and after such a short time, a fact which raised doubts as to whether Margoshvili might have cooperated with his captors. It is anything but. The Islamist coalition left a lasting impression, however, by committing numerous atrocities against the Alawite civilian population. Two members of Suqur al-Sahara in the ongoing regime push youusaf Kasab.

The question then arises of what the rebels’ goal here is. Its time for Palestine’s ‘Libyan moment’ Uri Avnery is worried: Cover My Grave Well. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And at the centre is a strategy that offers a patchwork quilt of something old, something new, something borrowed to s….

What Time is It? Moreover, the shared experiences of that group created tight bonds between Germans, Turks, Caucasians, and jihadis of other nationalities, which will likely shape the nature of the terrorist threat in Fiitna and other European states in the coming years.

How can a namahram stand so close to each other.? After the emergence of the Islamic State, most of these Germans left Junud al-Sham and joined the Iraqi-led organization. Pardon me, you are not engaged to anyone.

The large offensive, dubbed Battle of Anfal by the rebels, began on March 21,and yousf the big Islamist groups plus a small Free Syrian Army contingent. Two ways to stop the “Shiite tsunami”??

No more debate about Zaid Hamidss faith after watching this ; Yousaf case Myth

FitjaMohammed Atta and his friends wanted to fight in Chechnya before they were convinced to travel to Afghanistan because they lacked military training. By Afrah Jamal February 04, By Afrah Jamal October 02, For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


E Palestinians uprooted yyousaf force of arms. Conclusion Since the inception of the German jihadist scene in the s, its members have developed a strong sympathy for the Chechen cause.

ZH ki is video ko le k HaniyaQaradawiQatarsectarianism. Warmongers Eager for More Blood-Letting.

Chagatai Khan: Pashtun Folklore Yousaf Khan aw Sher Bano – Da Abay Qissay (Folklore)

Don’t allow yourselves to fall into the trap. One Picture that’s Worth a Thousand Words. Although commonly referred to as Chechens, they include Caucasians of other origins, such as Dagestanis and Ingush, all of whom have chosen Syria as an alternative battlefield to their native Caucasus region where jihadis have suffered numerous setbacks in their fight against the Russians and their local allies in recent years.

Allah swt ki Laanat ho iss par!! These outrageous statistics may be one of the reasons the documentary was banned from the yousaff media. Technical issues are still plaguing us – Dear friends, I am aware that the blog is constantly up and down and up and down. Car decorated for the funeral of Hussam Ibrahim Khadra on 23rd April Suqur al-Sahara ambush point set up in the forests around Kasab Two members of Gitna al-Sahara in the ongoing regime push for Kasab.

Ein Hod and the Israeli Sin. They were received by a group of German Junud al-Sham fighters at the border crossing of Bab al-Hawa and went on to train with the group. So rare in fact, that when male cadets donned wigs to represent the female species in annual variety shows, nobody wondered why.