Epidemiologia. A síndrome HELLP (hemólise, enzimas hepáticas elevadas e plaquetopenia) ocorre em aproximadamente 1 a 8 a cada gestações. zarse el diagnóstico de síndrome de HELLP, y a esa complica- ción de la embargo, persisten dudas sobre la fisiopatología de este pro- ceso y la terapéutica. La preeclampsia se clasifica en leve o grave; la eclampsia y el síndrome HELLP son variantes de la preeclampsia grave. La hipertensión crónica se presenta.

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Indice de autores It is associated with the appearance of serious perinatal complications and increased maternal mortality. It occurs in 0. Obstetric complications such as this syndrome need to be suspected in clinical practice, to prevent fatal outcomes for both, the mother and the fetus.

Therefore, clinical manifestations should be identified early to approach challenges that the diagnosis may pose. Rev Hematol Mex;13 4: Clinical characteristics and maternal—fetal outcome in patients. Parra P, Beckles M, It has been a great ride: Am J Obstet Gynecol.

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