Sep 1, The Paperback of the Fire Arrow: The Second Song of Eirren by Edith Pattou at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Read Fire Arrow by Edith Pattou by Edith Pattou by Edith Pattou for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. In the sequel to “Hero’s Song,” Brie finds her birthright: a magic arrow that uses flame to destroy its targets. The arrow encourages Brie to carry out her vow.

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There is a silly coffee joke early in the book, that Pattou refuses to let drop; also, a reference to chocolate in a mythical early Ireland.

I liked the way that the relationships were examined and explored. Brie, the main character who was introduced in the first book, Hero’s Song sets out to avenge her father’s death only to uncover some mysteries surrounding her past, namely concerning the titular Afrow Arrow.

Fire Arrow: The Second Song of Eirren

In many ways, this book improves on the previous one. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

This arrow points her to the secluded northern kingdom of Dungal, and so the adventure begins. At the same time, Pattou’s energetic imagination has allowed her to create many memorable characters and scenes that are vivid and lively and will appeal to many fantasy readers. They’re my favorite books, and I’ve never met one person who’s read them.

Return to Book Page. However, it was very good! It was less so in this book, though, than the first one. Read more Read less. Unfortunately, most of the cast of the previous book — sdith the charming Taliesin — is abandoned;; Silien and Collun are barely there, and Nessa and Taliesin are gone altogether, except for Collun briefly mentioning his sister. And when when Dungal and Eirren are in danger, Brie feels it is up to her to help.


But when she meets and kills the killer, who had tortured her father, she feels, not the expected triumph, but, rather, remorse. That was okay but not nearly as good as the first, which is surprising because I really do love Brie, the narrator. She also expands Brie from a stereotyped woman warrior into a more three-dimensional character, and is able to make the conflict seem more epic and realistic than ever before.

Well, I remembered right. But this book is totally different. Jul 09, Kenzie Barnett rated it really liked it. And indeed, it is an important posting; you never know when the gabha might start stiring up trouble again She’s just honestly never thought about love, or that arfow people might be in love with her, which is refreshing even though the her physical reactions betray that some kind of romance is going to come anyway.

I won’t say anything else, I might ruin it. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Seeking revenge for her father’s death, the young woman sets out to find the men who killed him. Jul 25, Rebekah Quick rated it ptatou liked it.

She bides her time in a friendly land, where she heals and finds happiness, until she finds herself summoned in her dreams to a mysterious bell tower.

I didn’t immediately take to it maybe because I didn’t read the first book first – duh! What does bum me out though is that Pattou has decided not to write the third book, the story of the 3rd character For more information, please see http: I don’t believe I will buy. Still would not go around recommending this book to everyone, though. The battle scene at the end was very disappointing for me. Ciaran the talking fdith and Fara the Lassie-like Ellyl pet are more present than the characters that I ardow more interested in.

Very good, interesting, sequel to the original. Suddenly, Brie is leading an army to battle a brave, mighty, powerful magician afraid of only one thing, the fire arrow. Make this your default list. This was a good series, one I will be keeping on my shelf, but I have arrpw better. Although I haven’t read the first book, Fire Arrow was great. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I LOVE this book. There came a point around page that I felt sure Pattou had forgotten to write several pages.


Pretty good summary at the beginning, so I think you could start this book without the prior one.

Everything is so much better here than in the previous novel. This long, somewhat episodic tale is occasionally awkward in style, and the major conflict is not always clearly articulated. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I just recently finished the first book in the series, Hero’s Song, vire was disappointed, so I didn’t know what to expect when I picked this up for a re-read.

One paftou found this helpful. On her quest, Brie has numerous adventures and eventually kills two of her father’s murderers.

Fire arrow : the second song of Eirren

Usually I don’t care for detailed descriptions, but there was just enough in Fire Arrow to make everything vivid and realistic. I thought the author could have been a little more clear about the story in Hero’s Song so the transition would have been smoother. After spending some time in a fishing village, an interlude that marks a shift from Brie’s personal conflict to a much more global one, she resumes her travels. Jul 22, Tori Hook rated it it was ok. Even when its effects can range from calling up lightning to dispelling pahtou, it feels grounded.

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I would have loved to have started off with the first. The magical arrow leads Brie to a strange country, where she finds the family and happiness she’s never known.

And with pxttou magic fire arrow, which seems to have its own agenda, Brie travels through the wilderness heading to Dungal, where she thinks she’ll come across the murderers.