In this article, I will share Top 40 keyboard shortcuts for Final Cut Pro and I’ve categorized them to make these easier to find. In this article, I want to show how to create, modify and delete custom keyboard shortcuts in Apple Final Cut Pro X. NOTE: Here are two other. There are over menu options in Final Cut Pro X; and hundreds of keyboard shortcuts. However, not every menu choice has a shortcut and.

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There’s no finer resource on the web.

Add a marker at the location of the skimmer or playhead. More articles from this Author. To use a keyboard shortcut, press all the keys in the shortcut at the same time. For instance, to see all the keys used for Effects, click the Effects group in the Command List in the lower right.

Overwrite Edit d An Overwrite Edit will overwrite the selected clip at the location of the skimmer or playhead. Make the browser active. If you lasso several clips and select New Compound Clipthe clips will form one compound clip, which you can modify as one.

Finally, if all you want to do is switch between command sets, and not create any new shortcuts, you can do so in the Commands menu. And, for those who take the time to count, you’ll discover this list actually includes 53 keyboard shortcuts. Video Only Shift-2 Replace the selected captions with abutting single-line captions, one for each line of text in the original captions. Make the event viewer active. Above are the top useful shortcuts that I used most when editing videos in Final Cut.


Add the selected clip to the audition. Expand or collapse audio components for the selection in the timeline. Nudge the selected audio edit point left by one subframecreating a split edit.

Access over 1, on-demand video editing courses.

Final Cut Pro X Shortcuts – The Big Cheat Sheet

Move the playhead and the selection to the previous topmost timeline clip in the same role. Any way of creating keyboard shortcuts for toggling between reading original and proxy media? Here are two other articles on creating custom keyboard shortcuts:. Reset the controls in the current Color Board pane.

It disappears in a puff of smoke. While editing a text field, go to the previous item in the browser or the previous edit point in the timeline.

Make the Transform tool active and display onscreen controls for the selected clip or the topmost clip under the playhead. Render selection allows you to start rendering tasks for a selection in your Timeline; Render all allows you shortcts start all rendering tasks.

Make the Crop tool active and display onscreen controls for the selected clip or the topmost clip under the playhead. Keyboard Shortcut Secrets Justin Hall says: Set an additional range selection end point at the playhead or skimmer location.

Turn on audio-only mode for multicam cutting and switching. You can easily customize fcpc own keyboard shortcuts and even create separate keyboard shortcuts for different editors on the same system. Move playhead to previous or next keyframe.

You can mark these ranges with ratings and keywords, apply effects to them and modify them in other ways. Move the marker your playhead is in one frame left or right.

Top 40 Keyboard Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X

Make sure the correct modifier keys are selected at the top, then DRAG the command on top of the letter to which you want to assign it. You probably noticed that the keys are color coded by function. And every time you use a keyboard shortcut, you are editing faster. Connect to Primary Storyline q The Connect to Primary Storyline command will connect the selected clip to the primary storyline above or below at the location of the skimmer or playhead.


Make the timeline active. Reveal the selected clip in the browser.

Press L once to go forwards in real time. Connect the default lower third to the primary storyline. Change the browser filter settings to show all clips. The Import Media command will open the Camera Import window, which will allow you to capture or import media.

Gray keys are available for your shortcut. Trim Tool t The Trim Tool allows you to perform rolls, slip kejboard and slide edits. Press J once to go backwards in real time. Clear the range selection. While editing a text field, go to the next item in the browser or the next edit point in the timeline.

Mark the current selection in the browser as rejected Note: Decrease the browser clip height. Inserts a gap clip into the Primary Storyline. Notice that now, in the Command list, Add Chapter Marker now has a keyboard shortcut: Make the Color Board active.