If you fail the falconry exam, you may retake the test after a 2 week waiting period . This quest for knowledge has motivated many young apprentice falconers to. California Hawking Club Apprentice Study Guide [Frederick W. Rick Holderman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Study guide for. Apprentice Study Guide by the California Hawking Club (edited by Frederick W. Holderman) Only $ Essential Apprentice Pre-Test Material that applies to.

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Getting Started Almost all apprentices get involved as absolute beginners with no prior knowledge of the art and sport of falconry. This page is designed to help you get from newbie to reasonably knowledgeable apprentice falconer.

Colorado Hawking Club – Interested In Falconry

For any question please contact our Apprentice Liaison at apprentice arizonafalconers. Go to the library and find some of the recommended books on falconry See recommended reading list. If these are not available at your library, look into the Interlibrary Loan Service that most libraries offer. There are also two study guides available, one from California, and one from New York.

Both will help you take the exam in any state. The California one is much newer and more up-to-date. It is available from Western Sporting Publications.


Read each book through at least once, and then study the most relevant areas heavily.

The Modern Apprentice

You qpprentice download the information here as well: It contains a variety of PDFs with all of the info you will need to get started on your license. That page also has links to all of the applicable regulations. The regulations, both state and federal, have changed significantly in the past few years.

Be sure to have copies of and study both the state and federal latest regulations. They document your rights and responsibilities, and you are required to know them. The most important requirement for your apprenticeship is to get a sponsor. The sponsor will be there to guide you through the first two years.

Not only is a sponsor a legal requirement, but also an incredibly valuable resource. Your sponsor has done this all already and can help you avoid making common mistakes, as well falcconry make your journey more simple and fun!

Your sponsor can assist you in test prep as well! Start preparing your falconry equipment and your mews hawk house.

Work with your sponsor on this. Falconry is an ancient sport and the basic equipment has not changed all that much, because the designs work.


Many apprentices want to reinvent the wheel and often find out that the hawk pays the price for the experiment. Take the falconry exam at the regional office see sidebar. Once you’ve passed the exam, you will need to have all your facilities ready for inspection.

Your sponsor should be present for this inspection.

Interested In Falconry

Once you have passed your exam, your inspection is aapprentice, and you have a sponsor, you will be able to get your license from AZGFD. A federal permit was previously required but as of Jan 1it will no longer be required in AZ. As soon as you have a state hunting apprentide and a state falconry permit in hand, then you are ready to go trapping.

If your sponsor is unable to go trapping with you, find an experienced falconer who will go with you on your first trapping expedition. Calling a wild raptor from the sky to join you is not a trivial thing and you want to do it right!