“Fans of legal dramas might check out Alex Flinn’s intriguing Fade To Black In this tautly constructed novel, an HIV-positive high school student sees his life. Three perspectives – one truth The victim: After his windshield was shattered with a baseball bat, HIV-positive Alex Crusan ducked under the steering wheel. Alex Flinn is the queen of writing troubled yet multidimensional teens, and she doesn’t disappoint with FADE TO BLACK. Read it, and question.

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He might even have harassed him at school.

I think this book was written well. Alex was in his car when he was attacked by a guy with a baseball bat. There rade a companion to Breathing Underwater, in Caitlin’s viewpoint. Since the day he was affected he’s been living in hell and stress. Nov 15, Brad Evans rated it it was amazing.

Notify me of new comments aled email. Clinton w Three perspectives — one truth The victim: As an attorney, Alex Flinn developed a strong interest in ‘witness reliability and bias’, prompting her to write this story.

A minority might be violent or insulting, but the worse is the silent majority feigning not to notice, and not trying to include them. We learn quickly from Clinton himself that he’d thrown a rock through a window of the Crusan house the night before. Alex Flinn Date Published: Clinton chucked a big rock at his car while the Crusans were at church.


Fade to Black by Alex Flinn

The other male narrator, Clinton, hates Alex because of his HIV, was seen in the area of the crime, and has been identified as the culprit. But maybe it’s for the better who want this kind of magic I the past I told you that I love 1st hand stories because it allow me to get the story better through the teller My 9th graders will love this book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Feb 29, Zane rated it liked it. Alex doesn’t blavk know how to deal and how to “act normal,” as his doctors keep saying.

At Pinedale High, Clint sits in the principal’s office awaiting the police. I enjoyed blacm way the author made both characters relatable and also someone you can feel bad for. It’s fascinating to read her sections because they are so short and I kept wanting to know more but I think Flinn did a great job of illustrating Daria’s thought process. At the beginning of the story he is attacked in his car by a baseball bat.

Flinn has done it again. He’s got HIV and the whole school knows, so they treat him like a total outcast. Told in three conflicting point of views, it shows how different “truth” can be. Clinton is blaxk believable. I shut my eyes quick. Fade to Black is still a good story and i would recommend it to friends. Francis Knight use qualities of the “film noir” – The world is dark, eerie, and fascinating.


Realistic Fiction Age Level: I’m not sure how it will be taken for that level, but I loved the book. Jun 12, Diane rated it really liked it Shelves: I have enjoyed reading alsx novel and also enjoyed revealing the truth about the characters.

Clint’s dad is an alcoholic, who lost his job and moved away, and Clint lives with his mom.

But the broken glass still cut alex as it was flying through the air. She uses narration segments as from a stage playback and forth between victim, perpetrator, and witness. He saw something, but not enough for a positive identification. The book has a timeline starting out with a dated police report which has the date, but go year.

Alex is HIV-positive, doing okay, but the disease can progress at any time.

Some of Daria’s thoughts are, ‘Maybe I am a ghost people look through like water. We need more books like this. Zeiser, told my mother, “Alexandra marches to her laex drummer.

Fade to Black

Cody Maierhoffer 2nd hour Ms. Teenagers are always wondering blaci if their friends are real friends and would stand by them during difficult times and these three people are disappointed by what they find.

But I don’t believe it for a minute.