The complete New York Times bestselling Uglies series is available as a collectible boxed set. The future isn’t far away. In Tally Youngblood’s world, looks . Aya Fuse considers herself an Extra throughout much of Extras. This article is a stub. You can help Uglies Wiki by expanding it. For the book, see Extras (book). Extras is a young adult science fiction novel written by Scott Westerfeld. Simon& Schuster on October 2, , and is a companion book to the Uglies series.

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Sign in or join to save for later. I wish that had been well established early on so that I didn’t have to wonder what the location was for such a long time.

Set preferences to see our top age-appropriate picks for your kids. Aya, besides that, was quite annoying most of the time, and I feel like very few people actually learned any real lessons and changed in any real, deep way; other than being perhaps a bit less fame-seeking.

There’s yglies problem loading this menu right now. Aya is slightly more likable character than Tally, but only slightly. At the same time, Extras is a very timely book. It was really not extraas good book and I would not recommend it at all. You see, Aya and the Sly Girls discover a race of Aliens who have carved out a mountain near the city.

Don’t have a Kindle? Ju I think you could read this book on it’s own. I’ve spent a good week or so reading these four books, absorbed in the pages and the characters and their lives, and now Ugles just feel lonely. I’ve noticed that I’ve been rating these ‘Uglies’ books in a pattern: Other books in the series.

He also helps Tally and the “Cutters” with different missions. View all extrqs comments. Sign In Don’t have an account? And the currency is fame.


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So she goes undercover, and she stumbles on a very “kickable” story that will make her famous but also set her in danger. She follows one of the group’s members, Eden Maru, out of the party, but they nearly get away when she is distracted by Frizz Mizuno, a more beautiful and far more famous person who compliments Aya. There’s a fun, exciting action plot to be had here, but the whole world kind of falls apart if you ponder it for more than five seconds. I also quickly got annoyed at Aya. But start it I did, and for the first half or so I was in young adult fiction bliss.

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Hiro and his friend Ren Machino refuse to believe Aya’s tale of the Sly Girls, who are an urban legend in the city, but Ren, who designed Moggle, agrees to help Aya retrieve him. And all Aya wants is 1 become Pretty and 2 kick the biggest story ever.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. See all reviews. Be the first to review this title. His surgery did not agree somewhat with the story as he was unable to hide anything, and it especially did not agree with Tally. After a few pages, the author seems to forget about the language barrier and the characters converse naturally, as if they’re all speaking the same language.

Maybe she did change some of her views in the end, but her attitude throughout the rest of the book ruined it for me. Go on and kick out story! She adopts the nickname “Nosey” for Aya, in reference to her big nose, and all the questions Aya bugs the Sly Girls with. Inside are many large cylinders of metal, and a large chute leading to the top of the mountain, neither of which are understood by the Sly Girls.

I’ve started the fourth book extras and so far I’m liking it. I adored how Westerfeld re-imagines the Pretty world and expands it with an entirely new cast with a few appearances from some old favorites! My years as a student steeped in cultural studies and gender theory make it pretty much impossible for me to read works of popular fiction without subjecting them to critical analysis, and Westerfeld’s books certainly lend themselves to this sort of critique.


And it’s all monitored on a bazillion different cameras. Extras Uglies Author s: Works by Scott Westerfeld. The problem I have with Westerfeld’s books is that these critiques, which are intriguing and thought-provoking, don’t actually go far enough. One night, accompanied by her hovercam Moggle, she crashes a party in New Pretty Town hoping to track down a group she saw surfing a mag-lev train, a story which she believes will make her famous.

Like the other books in the Uglies trilogy, Extras is fun and a very fast read. Read reviews that mention hunger games year old book series scott westerfeld high extrs love this series old daughter really liked even though whole set box set perfect condition specials or extras feel like daughter to read young adults years ago dystopian society ordered this set highly recommend.

Extras: Uglies Quartet, Book 4 Book Review

The first three books Uglies, Pretties, and Specials follow Tally Youngblood, a fifteen-year-old girl living in a futuristic world so dominated by plastic surgery that anyone who looks normal is ugly. When these strange silver creatures were sighted and investigated, I thought they were going to be some crazy plot twist enemy race that were going to change Aya and make her shed her flawed, selfish character.

I can’t believe that I am saying this, but I didn’t really like Tally in this book! Do you have any technology you rely on?