“Contrast agents are much less nephrotoxic than previously thought”, said Aart van der the current ESUR Contrast Media Safety Committee (CMSC) guideline. Renal adverse reactions to gadolinium-based contrast agents B How long should there be between two iodine-based contrast media injections for routine. The Contrast Media Safety Committee of the European Society of Urogenital Radiology is proud to present the 10th version of its Contrast Agent Guidelines.

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Determine eGFR 48 hours after contrast medium administration. Always record the name and dose of the contrast agent used in the patient records. General adverse reactions B. Bone, red blood cell labelling. The effect of intraarterial IA application depends on the injection site: Breast feeding should be avoided for 24 hours after contrast medium if high risk agents are used.

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Last update April 17, Extra hemodialysis session to remove contrast medium as soon as possible after it has been administered is recommended. Time of examination B. It their renal function has not deteriorated, they should restart metformin.


No additional precautions are necessary for the fetus or neonate. Renal adverse reactions to gadolinium-based contrast agents B. Severe injuries include skin ulceration, soft tissue necrosis, and compartment syndrome.

Their eGFR should be determined within 48 hours. Consider an alternative test not requiring an iodine-based contrast agent. Renal function assessment by questionnaire should be used if serum creatinine is not measured. Consider the use of premedication. Following administration of gadolinium-based agents to the mother during pregnancy, no neonatal tests are necessary. We would like to use cookies to better understand your use of this website.

Keep the ratio of iodine dose in gram iodine and absolute GFR below 1. Please send me the monthly newsletter. In hospital inpatietns with diagnosed AKI one to two days are preferable.

Avoid large doses of contrast media. Late adverse reactions to intravascular iodine- based contrast media: Eur Radiol ; Gadolinium-based contrast medium Correlation of time of the contrast medium injection with the hemodialysis session is recommended.

Use low- or iso-osmolar contrast media. All iodine and gadolinium-based contrast media can be removed by hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

Contrast media 7.0

When absorption or leakage into the circulation is possible, take the same precautions as for intravascular administration. Intravenous IV contrast reaches the renal arteries after passing the right heart and the pulmonary circulation and is thus diluted.

Renal adverse reactions C. Risk factors for skin reactions: Patch and delayed reading intradermal tests may be useful to confirm a late skin reaction to contrast medium and to study cross- reactivity patterns with other agents. Reducing the risk of iodine-based and MRI contrast media administration: This differentiation is important for patient stratification: Mr Examinations The risk of nephrotoxicity is very low when gadolinium-based contrast media are used in approved doses.


Iodine-based contrast medium Hemodialysis to remove the contrast medium is unnecessary. Intravenous cholangiographic contrast media should not be given to patients at risk.

ESUR Update –

The Committee and authors of the Elective Examination Identify patients who require measurement of renal function Determine contrwst or SCr within 7 days of contrast medium administration. The patient should discuss with the doctor whether the breast milk should be discarded in the 24 hours after contrast medium.

Refer to late adverse reactions section 1. It is recognized that: We have modernized the layout to make it user-friendly as well as stylish. Decreased blood pressure Intramuscular: A variety of late symptoms e. History of pulmonary hypertension.