Erfworld is a story-driven fantasy/comedy webcomic about a master strategy gamer summoned into and stuck inside a wargame. The first book, The Battle for Gobwin Knob was written by Rob Balder and illustrated by Jamie Noguchi. Erfworld was recognized as one of the top 10 graphic novels of by. Erfworld Book 1: Battle for Gobwin Knob [Jamie Noguchi, Rob Balder, none] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Battle for Gobwin Knob. Erfworld has ratings and 9 reviews. Arminzerella said: Parson Gotti (aka Lord Hamster) is called out of his world and into Erfworld (a sort of cutesy.

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No badges or other rewards for this tier. I will be more responsible with my health in the future and make as much art as I can to be deserving of the love you have given me.

The Battle for Gobwin Knob – Episode 001

Jillian eventually locates the dwagons but is unwilling to attack because she is under Wanda’s mind-control spell. But I am not attuned to them, as Stanley is to his artifact. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity. Prince Charmingwhile his initial outfit resembled the costume worn by Evel Knievel.

When Jamie Noguchi and I started Erfworld, we were both working on erwforld that the comic might grow into something. Meanwhile, Prince Ansom errworld Jetstone is erfwodld a massive coalition toward Stanley’s capital, Gobwin Knob, hoping to destroy Stanley’s side forever. When the new website launches, these images will appear in your user lookup.

Nov 02, Gizmo rated it really liked it Erfwoorld To ask other readers questions about Erfworldplease sign up. Charlie was first contracted by Prince Ansom during the first book to supply a group of Archons to reinforce the expedition sent to rescue Jillian Zamussels. We think that we’re doing something here that’s worthwhile, and we’ll continue making Erfworld as long as we’re able, or until the story says, “The End.

At the start of their side’s turn, each unit receives rations, heals back to full health, and experiences minor maintenance such as personal cleanup. See project FAQ for terms and conditions. Much of the dialogue of that work is included in the extensive appendices after the illustrated story is completed.


Book Two begins as this army confronts the forces of Jetstone, after the off-screen destruction of their ally Unaroyal.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Watch for a project update closer to the con for all the details. It’s a way to bring creative projects bok life. He writes science fiction and fantasy, including one unpublished novel and many short stories and poems. This story will be at least words long, and will appear in its entirety at Erfworld. Injuries draw no blood in Erfworld, and damage is cured overnight.

He ends his monologue by shouting “I won’t be a gamepiece. The Bookk fan gathering at GenCon Indy is happening! A Chat with Jamie Noguchi”. I have a higher calling!

A tool of the Titans. He carried the Arkenpliers, though he was not attuned to them, and thus could not use their full abilities. Battle erfworlx place in turns; each side is able only to attack on its own turn, and no turns occur during eefworld night. His name and newly assumed title is a play on Stanley Tools. Check out the FAQ. Wanda and Ansom lead the decrypted army on a campaign to conquer the world and convert all to the belief that attunement to the Arkentools, not royal origin, is the true source of divinely ordained rule.

Erfworld Archives – Book 1

erfwotld With the power of the Arkenpliers, Wanda is able to permanently reanimate dead units to their original strength. Stanley’s chief adviser, Wanda Firebaugh, convinces him to purchase a “Summon Perfect Warlord” spell as a final attempt to prevent defeat. Ships to Anywhere in the world. Now we have Errfworld, who is a working professional comics illustrator who works on an industry-competitive page rate. And I control her mind. Erfworld’s plot, setting, and characters are released under a Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial, ShareAlike license.

He takes the surviving dwagons, then departs his capital to start his side afresh on the uninhabited site of another capital he sacked some years ago.


Each unit has an “upkeep” cost, paid by the overlord of its side out of the treasury. In the final page of book one, in an act of defiance and anger Parson yells an uncensored “Fuck you!! Balder, R; Noguchi, J; Erfworld: That will depend directly on your support for this project.

Erfworld : Book 1 – Patriot Games Ltd

Drawing a connection between this title and his search for the Arkentools, Stanley declared that he should henceforth be addressed as “Tool”. A sword-sized pair of needle-nose pliers. Grey rated it it was amazing Nov 18, Erfworld is a fantasy universe that an obsessive roleplaying gamer is summoned to in order to provide strategic advice to an army down to their last stronghold. Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from January All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction Comics articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction Articles lacking reliable references from September All articles lacking reliable references Pages using deprecated image syntax.

Reaps rated it it was amazing Jan 20, Retrieved June 29, That same charming aesthetic follows in its lisping use of letter changes in frequently used names, particularly replacing “r” with “w” spidews, dwagons, and twolls instead of spiders, dragons, and trolls.

Before his departure, David Hahn was the artist for much of the third book, Hamsterdance versus the Charlie Foxtrotwhich will be completed by Xin Ye with colors and inks by Lauri Ahonen and Lillian Chen.

He was a skilled leader, warrior, and tactician but lacked modesty and was prone to reckless behavior when his pride was at stake. Neither of us made any money during the first three years until there was erfeorld book to sell. Richard rated it did not like it Apr 22, Retrieved August 20,