Manufacturer name, Eltako. Manufacturer number, TLZEV+UC. GTIN, Country of origin, Germany. Customs tariff number, gThe Standardg TLZ12 8E 23 V UC replaces the TLZ12N0 V and TLZ12 8E V+V uC. gThe Allrounderg TLZ12D 23 V UC replaces the TLZ12M V+V uC. g The Simpleg . Also visit TLZ12D V +UC. Eltako Staircase time switch TLZplus 1; 2; 3; 4 Matching products. Eltako Staircase time switchTLZ Manufacturer, Eltako. Manufacturer.

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AccessoriesUnverbindliche Preisempfehlung zuzglich gesetzl. At LSS set the brightness from 3 to 60klux; this setting immediately triggers the sun signal as a 2 second impulse at output 2 in the event of an overshoot.

Incandescent lamp load W. IP 54 enclosure protection.

Control power demand An equivalent capacitance of 10F per lamp may be calculated. Only two keys are required for this purpose. It measures active energy by means of the current between input and output.

A1, A7 and A8 need the same potential as L. The KM1 plastic mounting bracket is also available as an individual accessory item. It blinks while the relay contact is open, and is continuously ON as long as the relay contact is closed. They offer a highly reduced switching noise and further attractive advantages, such as multifunction, central control, zero passage switching for AC voltage, minimized control power demand and universal elfako voltage.


Operating delay settable from 0 to 12 minutes with the lower rotary switch.

The brightness level is preset with the minimum value. Only impulse switch functions: Typical connection If N is connected, the zero passage switching is active. Mixing of L loads inductive loads, e. Technical data page D8. Covers the back terminals as well as the latched sliding switch and can be sealed.

It is set to 5: With incrementing the time can be extended and permanent light by push-button. Higher stand by loads may affect or jam the detection of a base load.

Tlz12 free download, or read Tlz12 online

NRxV Technical data page G7. Universal control voltage input etlako to V UC. Holding Standard setting ex factory. The following basic values can be selected: If the function ER is selected a glow lamp current is not permitted.

Designed to monitor V AC voltage between 1 to 3 phase conductors and neutral and tomonitor the rotating field clockwise eotako the switch positions 2Ph and 3Ph.

When you confirm the flashing display LCK by pressing SET, the buttons are locked and this is indicated by an arrow in field 1 pointing in the direction of the lock icon sticker.

Up to three switchgear devices can be interference-suppressed by connection in parallel with the V control inputs.


Control voltage, supply voltage and switching voltage V. An interruption of control changes the direction of dimming. The set elhako are stored in an EEPROM and are therefore immediately available again when the power supply is restored after a power failure.


Housing for operating instructions GBA12 page Z2. With integrated transformer for electrical isolation between control circuit and switching circuit etlako comply with the requirements for safety extra-low voltage. When the alarm impulse number is reached, the contact switches over from toSET flashes in field 1 and the display of other impulses up to 99 starts during the alarm signal. Only a single MSR12 must provide the outer terminal resistance.

As long as no major load is turned on, one pole of the monitored circuit remains isolated etako mains. Field 2 can display up to 99 accumulated operating years T2.

The N terminal must always be connected. Also for dimmable energy saving lamps ESL. The 15W to 30kW reading is adaptable to maximum expected consumption using a rotary switch to visualise even minor changes. This gives an additional standby consumption of only 0. When the control contact light switch is closed the load fan is started. With a double impulse the lighting is dimmed down from the current dimming position to the minimum brightness level and switched off.