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Janet Kerschner and Michael Conlin spent a lot of time and effort in making a scan of this book, which they have kindly made publicly available here:.

Dialogos sobre el Libro Secreto de Dzyan (Spanish Edition)

As John Newman reminded me, he had referred to this text already in a note to an article published in Fortunately, we now have access to at sl three old Sanskrit manuscripts that were used in Tibet, and these can be checked. The Tibetan translation, too, is regulated by meter, in this case by the total number of syllables allowed per line.

This is common in Tibetan translations of Sanskrit verse, where economy as to the total number of syllables must be achieved. Translated by Stearns, see note 2 abovep. This book also includes separate translations of these two texts from the Chinese translations.

The Theosophical Glossary by H. Sinnett 1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions, p. This book is The Fourth Council. His parents, some ten thousands, having learn from the soothsayers that the universal domain of this world, or the Nireupan [nirvana] would be reached by this young prince, decided together to give him, when he would be aged enough, each of them one of their son, to follow him: Myriads of Spirits Lha resort there for rest and then return to their own regions.

There is a horizontal line in the middle from left to right, which is part of the note, in blue pencil. Nowhere except for once when it refers to the book itself is it to be found in the discussion of this topic. Another time, he sent his most fierce elephants to crush him, again with no success. First, on the title, Harunaga Isaacson kindly pointed out that my translation of it is not accurate.


As may be seen, https: The original Sanskrit was first edited by Giuseppe Tucci and published in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society inwhich I have scanned and posted here: It may be thought that these changes made by the Mahatma are simply more accurate translations of the Buddhist text.

He had come to India when he was young, where he lived for a long time, becoming an Indian pandit. Mahatma Letters No comments yet.

The Book of Dzyan — The Quest for an Original Text of the Book of Dzyan

Since beginningless time it has been the primordial supreme Buddha, Because it has been unmodulated by cause and condition.

These examples are found in J.

A quest was launched during to identify a correlation between the affirmation of H. There are other signatures of KH in the Mahatma Letters in other interesting-looking scripts, and perhaps more information on the orthography and correct pronunciation is to be derived from those. In fact, access to his book showed that this bracketed material is not on his title page, but is an addition apparently made by the person who catalogued the book for the British Library.

Dialogos sobre el Libro Secreto de Dzyan (Spanish Edition) | Souq – UAE

In this case it would have been a postscript to letter XCI. Notes on the English Translation and the Sanskrit Text: This set was published in Lhasa inalthough it did not become available until Coleman promised fl book that would expose all of H. As explained by Blavatsky, the vast majority of the Mahatma letters were written by chelas who functioned as amanuenses for the Mahatma author.

This page was last edited on 9 Aprilat This may be librp as: Perhaps more about these and others can be posted later.


Boris de Zirkoff laboriously located the source references for a large number of its entries, and he hand-wrote these in his copy of this book. Translated from the Tibetan by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky [or rather, written by her]. The Tibetan text as well as the transcription have yin instead of yi. I am extremely grateful to Boris de Zirkoff for tracing these sources, and to all involved in making this information librk available.

An Autobiography of an Indian Dominican Monkp. It is in the ablative or genitive case. On the title page: The signification of the latter term is a prolific subject of discussion and speculation with the different philosophic schools and religious sects of Buddhistic Asia. Why is this region so named? From the late s until last month I had been unable to consult this edition, to see if he said anything more in it about the original.

The mind imbued with wisdom becomes completely dyzan from the corruptions, that is, from the corruption of sensuality, of becoming, of false views and of ignorance. It means the highest enfranchisement; to theists, the absorption of individual life in God; to atheists in naught.

Like the dkar chag of the Narthang edition, this dkar chag says that these texts were not included in the Yunglo edition because they were not considered to be authentic. So after this too long delay, I here post and discuss the dzyyan information that I received from these three. Lovecraftfor example in his short story “The Haunter of the Dark”, [7] and have been expanded upon by other libeo who have worked within the Cthulhu Mythos.

I have not taken the time to investigate this further. Some comments on these are then given. Sponsored products for you.