Rodolfo Usigli (Mexico D. F. ) consagro su vida entera al teatro y lucho por dar a conocer al mundo un teatro mexicano, una “”comedia humana””, . El Gesticulador (pieza para demagogos en tres actos) [Rodolfo Usigli, Rex Edward Ballinger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In his “Primer ensayo hacia una tragedia mexicana”, Rodolfo Usigli El gesticulador”, observes that in writing the play Usigli appears to have pursued two goals.

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But then I thought about the work as a play, which is meant to be performed and this tempered my unqualified analysis somewhat.

She is so focused on outward appearances that she usjgli contributes to the idea of women being seen but not heard. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I was able gesticulaador connect with him and u Usigli’s book tells the story of one man’s prolonged impersonation of one of the Mexican revolution’s infamous generals, Cesar Rubio.

To me, Usigli uses his characters as symbols of the Mexican Revolution. Paperbackpages. In summary, this story highlights the desperate and extensive efforts of one man, in the wake of the Toberto Revolution, attempting to elevate his status through a lie, to reinstate some of the goals of the revolutionaries as he runs for governor equalityand as a result, is not fully supported by his family and in the end, is assassinated.

Trivia About El gesticulador. Jun 09, Liliana rated it really liked it. I loved this play.

El gesticulador

Already Usigli introduces themes of doubt, family dispute an Although the actual language is relatively easy to understand and the themes of appearances and self-identification are overtly emphasized, I consider this play to be a wonderful insight into the mind of artists during the early to mid twentieth century. First, the idealistic martyr who dies early in the war, the professor who inherits and tries to keep alive the revolution’s legacy but fails, and then the politician who tries to evoke the ideals of the hero but is killed by the strongman and only ends up perpetrating the violence.


This play is a perfect combination of raw human emotions and a reflection upon a person’s ability to reinvent themselves. Written in the late s, El Gesticulador took a decade to make it to the stage. Not from audiences who loved it but from politicians who probably saw too much of themselves in it and hired writers to publish scathing reviews. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. My initial criticism would be that the themes and satire is developed too overtly and that the lack of subtly in the dialogue and the story line take away from the play’s power as a portrayal of the impact of the Mexican Revolution.

I was very aware of the idea of deception as I was reading, and the questioning of whether deception is in fact lying or not.

El gesticulador – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 2 Octoberat Oct 18, Nayely Romero rated it hesticulador it. This play brought a lot of interesting questions about identity to the surface for me as well. Rubio loses himself in his new identity, viewing it as an opportunity to renew the promise of the Revolution. I can understand why this play was extremely controversial at the time that it was published.

Julia saw truth in that which allowed her to overcome her physical appearance and live the life which she believed was her. Fue un escritor indagador de la verdad. Feb 03, Taylor rated it really liked it. Its debut in the Mexico City ‘s Palacio de Bellas Artes was welcomed by the theater-going public, but was met with hostility by the Mexican government. Este libro fue interesante, pero no is perfecto.


I thought the conversation between Cesar and Navarro helped to illustrate this idea as well as to depict the corruption present gesticuladdor the Mexican revolution. I was most interested by the suggestion in the play that one can create an identity, and furthermore a destiny, rooted only in desire.

La universalidad de El gesticulador de Rodolfo Usigli: Una lectura brechtiana

His legacy will live on because of those who believe in it, just like the Mexican Revolution, while appearing to be a failure to some, lived on through those who believed in its purpose. Again, similar to my previous reading of Los de Abajo, this story does not feature a happy ending necessarily, but more importantly concludes with the continuation of corrupt leadership and a false idea of heroism. Matthew Leonard rated it really liked it Sep 22, I truly enjoyed reading Usigli’s play and have already contemplated how it could be staged.

Usigli’s book tells the story of one man’s prolonged impersonation of one of the Mexican revolution’s infamous generals, Cesar Rubio. Identity is ours so long as it is convenient for the powerful to let us keep it.

I also enjoyed the diction: