Hi, Just to let you know that tried yesterday to send the audio output from my pc streaming Deezer to an Egreat-M34A wiht last firmware that. Ok, so I have the eGreat NMT M34A already and i decided to give you guys a long When booted it up, it had October firmware installed. EG-M34A Egreat Media Tank HD Media Player – Accepts USB Drives, RCA,HDMI ,RJ45 Support recover from firmware update failure with fail safe kernel.

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The boot-time is about 1minute, affirmitive. The second link in Postthe firmware from itokazie Please Note: Nov 12, at Then i tested Transformers. OK – changed those and get egraet right file but still no go. May 19, at 9: It played more types of media than the others and had more types of connections, including a Sata connector.

May 23, Messages: Nov 20, Messages: Hi, I managed to do it. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I’m so happy for the DTS downmix. Nov 22, Messages: Now, this is my setup: Check my personal blog about media players. I think it should say A1.

BADKIWI » Egreat Popcorn media player. M34A to A…

Sadly, i don’t know how to change subtitle using egreat m34a since it’s easily done using vlc player on my laptop. With the economy the way it is in the US, you are probably best off ordering your 34A EGreat from www. I wonder how to make a firmware recovery as smbody mentioned for m32B. I saved a handful of movies onto our WD Passport external drive thingy. As often happens with these things, the company went out of business.


Egreat Popcorn media player. If you are running Jaggy’s index file could you rename it.

Egreat M34A – A long, informative, text + video review !

I would like to know if there is a way to connect my laptop to the egreat and browse and search the web and use other programs so I can view them on my tv without disconnecting the egreat. WMV HD p videogame trailers. The eGreat is very small.

In the mean time, the logo shows up and i can bring in maanual snack while it loads. Leeds, West Yorkshire Ratings: It was great seeing the Popcorn Hour logo show up.

Thanks for the manuwl I looked for that one but could not find it. Unzip and copy all files into the root directory of a USB thumbdrive.

Now i went to the setup menu and set the video output to egreqt, Now, words sometimes arent enough, so, I decided to record it for you, here is a 2 gereat 20minute demonstration, in HD: Thanks for egreah amazing write-up!

Aug 19, Messages: It just so happens you can. Hopefully the other NMT players will follow. March 14, at 7: PuddleTag is now my favourite MP3 Tagger. NeilFMay 19, Connect with me on identi. Also, you can adjust the subtitle size and color while playing. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.


Do I need another piece of equipment or is there a cable configuration that will work I cannot find the latest firmware anywhere. Click maunal that and a new screen with the Firmware upgrade should come up.

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. The only issue is that I lost all the indicators on the front panel of the egreat 32B. I also have a DVD drive.

I have the egreat eg-m34a and I have been using a small external to play music and video files from. May 14, at 9: Yeah I’m also interested as to where I can get this in the UK. Go to Setup — Maintenance and select check for firmware update.

Picture was great, no need to comment. M34A to A… profiles. Oct 14, Messages: