Player’s Guide to Eberron (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Eberron Supplement) [James Wyatt, Keith Baker, Luke Johnson, Steven Brown]. Rulebooks · Character Options · Magic · Bestiary · Items · Contacts · All · Editions · Core · Supplements · Dragonlance · Eberron · Forgotten. Player’s Guide to Eberron is a supplement to the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. Contents. 1 Contents; 2 Publication history.

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You need not be obsessed with ancient history and long-lost secretsthe world has its share of con tempo-rary secrets as well. But ever since the day when the Emerald Claw agents burst into your home looking for you, or you woke up and found guise in a strange forest with a dragon saying you were par buide of the Prophecy, or you manifested psionic or magical powers you never knew you hadever since then, this l ightning-ra i l ride of a life has been moving so quickly that you don’t know how to j u m p off and get things back to normal.

Th is t ra in-ing assumes that you have at least a basic g round guidw in the doctrines of the faith, and instead focuses on practical techniques for fighting evil creatures and discerning the influence of such creatures on other people.

Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Of course, once you finally got a job wri t ing for a small local chronicleguidr spent more time talking to farm-ers about their crops than you did doing anything remotely resembl ing adven tur ing.

Sometimes, informat ion on new races appears in the r u n n i n everron textfor example, in the discussion of the races of Xen ‘dr ik on page Scatter phrases of your native language in to your speech.


Reality seekers prefer t h e i r n a t u r a l form and the society of t h e i r own k i n dphi losophical ly seeking the form of perfect reality. Guidde fact, because people are will ing to believe their eyes without question, clues to a changeling’s true nature often go overlooked.

Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

Player’s Guide to Eberron – Rulebooks – D&D Tools

Most people adventure because they choose to, for one reason or ano the r. But the guixe still follows the t radi t ions of the past, and the bow he makes today is a replica of one that could be found in a five-thousand-year-old tomb. Every plane holds creatures hostile to life on the Material Plane, so the open ing of a significant n u m b e r of por ta ls to any plane could invite a new invasion like the ones that brought the great civilizations of the past to an end.

The hunte r of the dead prestige class is in Complete Warrior.

[D&D 3.5] Eberron – Player’s Guide To Eberron.pdf

T h e battles ended at last when the couatls discovered a means to imprison the might i -est fiends in the deep earth from which they had emerged. T h e authorit ies don’t go out of their way to arrest those who practice the faith, but they can exercise the option plahers they choose to. Changeling, Cha 15, Wis T h r o u g h the Playeersthe Silver recognize and avoid them. Your eebrron is well known in academic circles: Your mother wants you where she can keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t get into any t rouble.

A changel ing has wispy, fair hair and a distinct gender, in contrast to full-blooded doppelgangers. Payers h u sthe Undy ing C o u r t has been able to defend the elves from dragon attack on numerous occasionsbut the court does not have the ability to launch pkayers attack against Argonnessen itself. However, they shared a common reverence for their ances-tors and the heroes who had died in the cause of freedom.


Most out landers make some effort to prac-tice the t radi t ions and rituals of their homeland no matter how far they travel. T h e Nightclaw is a relic sacred to the Blood of Vol, said to be the sev-ered hand of a lich.

Read Currently Reading Want to Read. Adventur ing has to fit in with the duties that come to you by virtue of your house membership. You might refer to yourself in the third pe rsone i ther by name or as “your in t r ep id ch ron ic l e r ” or “your humble scr ibe.

Eberron (D&D 3.5 manuals) Series

Knowledge arcana D C You have a steady source of wealth, more than enough to live comfortably. Even when you’re not in combat, your speech reflects your cynicism.

T h e Church of the Silver Flame includes three orders of clergy: Views Read Edit View history. Player’s Guide to Eberron by James Wyatt. You killed a great many enemy soldiers, and you carry plenty of scarson your body and on your soul.

An out landerfor example, could be a half-ling barbar ian from the Talenta Plains or a half-orc warlock from the Shadow Marches. For tens of thousands of years, the elves were slaves of the mighty giants of that cont inent.