la sévérité de la dysménorrhée et du syndrome prémenstruel [ ] et atténuer l’ acné . Le diagnostic de dysménorrhée secondaire devrait être [ ] envisagé. La dysmenorrhee touche un grand nombre de femmes en age de procn~er, on examine a Ia fois Ia dysmenorrhee primaire et Ia dysmenorrhee secondaire. La dysménorrhée ou les règles douloureuses n’est pas mortelle, mais elle est la plupart sans faire la distinction entre dysmenorrhée primaire et secondaire.

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Pain intensity was reported by subjects according to a verbal multidimensional scoring system taking account of 3 dimensions need for analgesics, limitation of activities and need for rest:.

DYSMÉNORRHÉE – Definition and synonyms of dysménorrhée in the French dictionary

A contemporary approach to dysmenorrhea in adolescents. All were 13 or over years old and suffering from primary dysmenorrhoea.

Related links to external sites from Bing. Methods The participants were selected randomly from 2 high schools in Kerman city. Comparison of the effectiveness of fennel and mefenamic acid on pain intensity in dysmenorrhoea.

There were no significant differences between the 2 groups of students in terms of mean age, age at menarche or age when dysmenorrhoea started Table 1.

Participants were requested not to use any other drug during the study period and anyone who reported secondarie other drugs was excluded from the study. Paediatric drugs,4 Related Topics in Menstrual Disorders. Compliance with treatment use was checked regularly via phone calls and visits to subjects.

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Half of dyysmenorrhee workforce in society is women and the loss of well-being due to dysmenorrhoea diminishes the quality of life of women and the loss of several working days every month during the years of fertility is a potential problem for the economy of any society. Cold dysmenorrhea with blood stagnation treated with zhuyu wengong decoction. Related Bing Images Extra: Dysmsnorrhee comparison of glyceryl trinitrate with diclofenac for the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea: Of the students, 10 did not complete the treatments and were excluded.


In view of the apparent safety of fennel in patients, with the dysmeborrhee of epileptic patients [6], the present study was designed to study the effectiveness of fennel for the treatment of dysmenorrhoea. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Zhong xi yi jie he za zhi,9 8: The participants were selected randomly from 2 high schools in Kerman city.

Baltimore, Lippincott Williams and Willkins, Started inthis collection now contains interlinked topic pages divided into a tree of 31 specialty books and chapters. Current issue Volume 24, number 10, October Gynaecological endocrinology,16 1: Dysmenorrhoea is pain with lower abdominal cramps during menstruation [1,2].

American journal of medicine,20, 84 5A: The fennel extract and mefenamic acid were distributed in similar packages and both the participants and the researcher distributing the treatments were blind to the type of treatment.

NSAIDs such as mefenamic acid have a number of adverse effects digestive disorders, diarrhoea, haemolytic anaemia and seizures [7].

Herbal remedies may be a safer way to treat many common ailments including dysmenorrhoea. Dysmenorrhoea is the most common gynaecological disorder among adolescent girls reducing their quality of life and causing missed school or work [7]. Search Dysmeonrrhee for all related images. Definition Painful Menses secondary to underlying pelvic organix disorder. YouTube Rss feeds Twitter Facebook. All students were also given face-to-face instructions for drug use and filling the questionnaire by a trainer not included in the research group.

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Fennel has been shown to be effective in the treatment of dysmenorrhea [4]. Clinical gynecology, endocrinology and infertility, 6th ed.

Les douleurs pelviennes de la femme – Doctissimo

Definition Symptoms Evaluation Causes: Although access to this website is not restricted, the information found here is intended for use by medical secondairf.

Results Of the students, 10 did not complete the treatments and were excluded. Students were supplied with written instructions secomdaire treatment use and a questionnaire that included the scoring sheet for pain symptoms. Shibata T et al. The textbook of therapeutics: It is associated with ovulatory cycles and is due to myometrial contractions induced by prostaglandins originating in the secretary endometrium that occurs mostly in the first 48 hours of menses [2].

Meaning of “dysménorrhée” in the French dictionary

Search other sites for ‘Secondary Dysmenorrhea’. Although one report has suggested that fennel extract can stimulate uterine contractions and lead to abortion [3], this claim has not been verified and is unlikely at treatment dose.

Primary dysmenorrhoea usually starts 1—2 years after menarche and is associated with normal ovulatory cycles without pelvic pathology, whereas secondary dysmenorrhoea is defined as painful menses associated with underlying pathology [1,2]. Data analysis was made dysmenoorrhee through Epi-Info, version 6 and by using descriptional statistics, distributional indexes and chi-squared tests. Medicina B Aires, 59 3 —64 [in Spanish].