This seems only to have strengthened Drycha’s resolve, for she rules the other Outcasts as a twisted queen in the place of their estranged mother. Drycha herself. hey there. I have a question about Drychas ability Colony of Flitterfuries. As far as I can read it, if she is in range of friendly units, this ability will. Drycha, the Briarmaven of Woe, is a powerful spirit of Athel Loren. Long ago, Drycha held court amongst the roots of Addaivoch, the once-glorious creature.

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Try setting a wyldwood close to enemy wizards as if you are lucky they will get roused and deal a lot of mortal wounds to them. Drycha’s model in Warhammer Fantasy. These get a bonus move, but with a twist. Drycha sings her own song, a discordant dirge of hatred for all those not of the sylvaneth.

She rarely conversed with others, even the Dryads who served her as handmaidens, but instead chanted a mantra of the names of all those fellow spirits whom she believes have been failed by the Elves. I see her being used in a couple different ways, largely depending on which ranged weapon and which artifact you pick.

Now just the Branchwraith model in Age rukes Sigmar. Drycha sang her own drych, a discordant dirge of hatred for all those not of the sylvanethand she drew the Outcasts to her in great number, along with other disaffected clans besides. Grolnok turned his Maw-krusha to the horizon, the beast winging clumsily away to fight another day. A solid core of Dryads, a big monster, a caster and powerful melee. Very simple but very effective. The recycled units can be teleported into any Wyldwood if you wish however 1.

Drycha Hamadreth

Drycha disappeared after that, her last act beforehand being to help break Coeddil out of the prison Ariel had bound him in. However, you’ll be down to two lots of 10 Dryads which isn’t great or 10 Dryads and 10 Tree Revenants which is probably worse and you’ll be wasting artefacts and traits on the Branchwraith.

Drycha erycha not like it.


Spite Revenants are so bad that Drycha should almost certainly be run without them. A good rule of thumb is to use 2 units of minimum size. For we live between the Elite Armies of the Everchosen and hordes of Rues and Destruction, our glades and copses are filled with singing dryads and solemn Kurnoth Hunters, ever watchful of the outsides and our enemies.

What burst from the rift was no mere Branchwraith. She looks like she’s about to hug you, but only to remove your spine. They are neither particularly tough nor particularly killy and their kit is way too expensive to use lots of them although less so, now that they’ve gotten cheaper.

Any list with both Kurnoths and Durthu is going to be a tough choice to justify.

Take Alarielle and lots of big guys or dfycha units, bumped up with endless spells. While there was no direct word about Drycha, the forest spirits were largely unhappy about this turn of events and you can bet that Drycha would’ve been at the head of any tree-klansman meeting.

In the End Times, things really went sideways. Anger festers in their hearts. The element of surprise did not last long. Do not use them as you would Dryads. Look at her tactica under Daughters of Khaine. As far as effectiveness goes, I really dislike Spite Revenants.

Legend tells of the everbeast Fengarant, and of how that colossus found himself one day with Eagderethil — the father of bladewillows — stabbed like a rukes into his paw. By taking these on top of the extra abilities you’ll be gaining two extra command points, two extra artefacts and a one drop army almost certainly guaranteeing you first turn. They give you a themed force and powerful bonuses for adhering to them, but pretty much lock you into a specific strategy.

Sylvaneth – Using Drycha alone? – Forum – DakkaDakka

Given the lacklustre unit requirements it’s probably only worth it if you can find some worthwhile Duardin units; given the rage over the state of the fyreslayers, steampunk guys and dispossessed, take another look at this when GHB comes out. She can also switch between profiles reflecting her new bi-polar nature, with her angry profile making her hit harder in melee while her sad profile can mitigate negative effects she suffers on the damage table. Still, way too big to use. Clouds of spites whirled across the battlefield, tangling and biting as they went.


Capable of leaping across the board with an insanely speedy 9″ move, one which isn’t altered by any damaged state no less. Rerolling saves is nice on a high priority target, but the 6 or more, of course, means that that is affected by save modifiers. Give Ranu’s Lamentiri to your Dryad spawning Branchwraith to almost guarantee getting reinforcements every turn. For a time, it belonged to the barbarian tribes of Lord Hakshadol.

Finally, the everbeast stamped upon the land so hard drydha the ground itself ruptured and a titanic valley was formed. While not perfect, just pairing her up with a couple of basic supporting units will offset most of her shortcomings, and she seems to have almost been tailor made to work with the Spite-Revenants. You place it before players even choose their table halves.

Drycha Hamadreth | Age of Sigmar Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Alternatively the Acorn goes to the wych. Does he give you the Wyldwood-side, thus dooming himself to trying to dig you out of a heavily fortified area that is all but lethal to him?

This page was last modified on 25 Novemberat Her unpredictable bouts of fury are as famous as her sudden melancholy. Howeveryou have just lost one artefact due to only having three dtycha to place them on. She also has some magic that gels well with Spite-Revenants. The worst of the Wargroves by virtue of having fixed requirements frycha the meh-est rules.

No adverts like this in the forums anymore.

Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Sylvaneth

The Ancients also provide some extra defense with their stomp ability and can give Drycha mystic shield. She first came to prominence after dryycha Wood Elves entered an alliance with Athel Loren.

They will harm you if they can.