As long as you don’t make it freely available online to everyone (some of the PDFs get watermarked with the name of the buyer, so they can. In that case I’d give it a pass. Has anyone made any experiences with this? If the DriveThruRPG watermark shows on the prints, are there other. When I first started buying books on RPGNow, there were no watermarks. Suddenly, within the past few years, every book suddenly has.

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All you do is make the people who are actually giving you money angry, and teaching them to download the book first and share it on gdrive or something.

You are a life-saver! A big theory is that copyright law was brought in because the cost of for example, creating a book or a machine from drivethrurpt was an exact art, and ofcourse it took alot of time to reproduce these, and so therefor it was put in place that if someone was reproducing these, it’d be at a cost, and therefor most likely there watermarl make a profit.

Philippe 4 8. I recall the idea as well, but haven’t seen mention of it in quite a while IIRC, it was a 5 time dl thing unless you contact us to reset it, likely to avoid rampant piracy. Only the main account user bought the item; it’d be insanely abusive if, for example, everyone on a FotN: Thursday, 29th September, Ragnarok, and we’ve found that character creation when a PC dies requires the GM to either meet with the players between games which watermagk impractical for us, since we’re all pretty busy or answer tons of questions about archetypes and abilities through Facebook messages, which is also time consuming and difficult.

Currently on steam I can play most of my life long friend’s games without me buying them steam family sharingI download them, i play them. Hell has frozen over. These days, it seems to be the other way around.


wayermark I recall having seen them there in the past on my purchases. Since all art and tech is in part based on what came before such long terms cannot serve the cause of innovation.

How to remove watermark from pdf using pdftk? – Super User

Only one of you is probably the “real” owner of the account by law, and the rest are doing copyright infringement. Because of this, we are considering setting up a joint account on DrivethruRPG.

I answered as factually as I could in a way that would be useful to OP. That being said is there much difference between them being watwrmark to see the files on your screen than theirs. However, because it is digital you are making a copy and not passing one copy around. Hense copyright law comes in and makes sense because it’s for monitary gain. If you feel I’m splitting hairs, well, fair enough. Join Date Jan Posts 2, Is the local home network the complete system?

You darned publishers, always coming up with new ways to separate me from my money grumblegrumblegrumble I took this process, made it slightly fancier, and wrapped it up in a Python script. I need to remove some stupid email watermark that expands across all pages of a public domain book. I better get back to moving. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Think of it this way, if you loan someone a CD old school of you then you’re fine, when you burn them a copy and you each have one then you’ve violated copyright.

I got rid of the text, but there’s still a small square left where the text used to be. OGL and Creative Commons is a beautiful example of the original intentions of Copy Right law, to achieve a rich public domain where everyone can add to a media. Alternatively, there might be legal workarounds.


Will the DriveThruRPG pdf watermark print? – WFRP Gamemasters – FFG Community

Seriously, glad to hear it. Print books aren’t the same as electronic books because only one person has it.

Who would pay 30 freaking dollars for a pdf copy? Answers are much appreciated! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. In this case I’d wager you’re also violating the license of the book most digital products are licensed, not sold and the terms of service for DTRPG. And apparently, that 30 dollar price is half watdrmark “regular” suggested price for the PDF which is marked at 60 dollars on that site.


I appreciate your hints. Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators. It’s hard for college students to afford the PDF for sure.

That’s why they typically watermark the PDFs with your name and order number. On the license bit, the right of first drivethrhrpg doctrine almost certainly trumps any contract law. Fundamentally people should not be allowed to own ideas. Reset Fields Log in.

If your talking about the Fate core rule book it’s pay what you want anyhow so everyone can get a copy at no cost. Unfortunately, I’m talking about the Fate of the Norns: He doesn’t want to be a pirate, so I let him know he’d be a pirate.

IMO sharing books with your players is legit, but that opinion is probably not shared by all publishers. I wouldn’t expect a single person to buy it, so it’s definitely not reasonable for everyone in a single gaming group to buy a copy I’m totally opposed to what DT does now, personally Tuesday, 10th December, We try to keep the lists below up to date with active subreddits and prune it from time to time.