Summary: An epic novel of politics, religion, war and love that will leave you wanting to read everything Julia Golding is capable of writing. Chapter 1 The Fourth Crown Princess of the Blue Crescent Islands had sixteen rituals to observe from the moment of waking to when she broke her fast. Dragonfly is a fun, lighthearted read about romance, religion, and cultural differences. In terms of plot, it’s not particularly special. It’s pretty.

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May 30, Small Review rated it liked it Shelves: It’s no surprise that Taoshira Tashi for short finds Ramil an uncouth boor. You kinda know what’s going to happen and some elements of the story weren’t that much of a surprise.

Dragonfly : Julia Golding :

The blurb explains what the book is about pretty well so I’ll leave out an overview. Usually, for me, I can take or leave what characters choose to do gokding I don’t feel a need to apply it to my own life, but when it comes to religion it always feels kind of preachy to me which isn’t fair, I know and is probably not how the author intended it, just my personal weirdness.

I liked goldinv cultural differences are what Tashi and Ramil have to work through rather than Great and Dramatic Drama.

There is some violence, but it was not too descriptive. Because admitting you like someone s scary, and insisting you hate them takes the pressure off? Gordoc was my favourite character because he was funny and I also liked Princess Tashi because she was so strong and calm, even when faced go,ding all these beatings from Spearthrower.

This book was just a fun, fantasy read.

These books are great tween-teen reads. Gerfal is gklding a world apart. So, fun read, kept me interested, enjoyed the characters, was intrigued by the cultures presented especially the Crescent Islands culture, very Asian and exotic, restrained and although Tashi and Ramil are not main characters, appearing only in the background, Vragonfly look forward to reading Golding’s next book set in this world, The Glass Swallow.


Later in the book, it has said that the government was paid to chose her because they thought she was going to be weak and fragile. It also had other messages like the price of war and peace. That last court scene was highly enjoyable if only to stick it to the Third Princess. Tasha, regarded everywhere as a witch though the Crescent people don’t do magic–there doesn’t seem to be any magic in this worldis treated badly and then thrown into a dungeon until she agrees to give up the dragnfly and worship the bloody god.

Jun 07, Zoe and the Edge rated it really liked it Shelves: Check out the top books of the year goldong our page Best Books of I enjoyed the story and the characters were fun. Heck even the horses have personality. This wonderful tale of adventure, self-discovery and love is marketed to the year-old age group like Anne of Green Gables – always a surprise, since when I finally got around to reading it at 14 I really struggled with itbut is highly enjoyable for any age group.

The adventure, fantasy, and romance drew me into the novel instantly! And children’s books tend to have a lot less ‘ah, everything’s jupia horribly wrong!

I was also chosen by Waterstone’s in as one of their ‘Twenty-five authors for the future’. And as you get farther along in the book you fall more in love with him. So when she and Ramil are kidnapped, they fear there’s no escape – either from their kidnappers or from each other.

It was so much more. But this was one of those books that even when things went wrong, they went right. From the first page detailing the rituals that the Fourth Crown Princess must complete each morning, to the kidnapping and the subsequent imprisonment of “Tashi” this is an action packed, thrilling ride with lots of danger and romance to help it on its merry way. To travel between two different countries via ship was like taking a ferry.


My work as a diplomat took me from the high point of town twinning in the Tatra Mountains to the low of inspecting the bottom of a Silesian coal mine.

Instead of instantly falling in love.

Is this book appropriate for a 13 year old? I felt like I was never able to get around her walls and know her on a deeper level.

Review | Dragonfly by Julia Golding

Manchester Book Award Nominee for Longlist I don’t think that was exactly explained and I was a bit creeped out when he was saying “oh my little Tashi”. I know I would dragonfy loved this book at age twelve or thirteen, and would have read and reread it passionately. To view it, juliia here. Goldijg, with each encounter Ramil and Tashi start to fall in love and change their previous prejudices.

We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. But all in all, a good read. Can they put aside their differences long enough to survive ambush, unarmed combat, brainwashing, and imprisonment? But both of their countries are under threat from a fearsome warlord, and the only chance of peace is to form an alliance. For fantasy lovers The world Julia Golding described was both familiar and creative.