This section provides additional technical specifications on DIN /1 keyways to learn more about the components in the Elesa Catalogue. DIN Technical Specifications. DIN DIN Parallel key – product drawing – d1=length,. b h9, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 32, 36 . Page | Screws and Nuts, Washers, Lifting accessories. 1. 2. 3 b h9 h. Length l Keys DIN are only in packing units of 50 pieces for each size and length available. see also • Keyway type in the bore and the shaft → Page

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Your subscription for the Elesa Newsletter has been sent successfully. Constant surface pressure over the keyway length and height of keyway wall No consideration of chamfers or radii for the determination of supporting surfaces Limitations: The two arrows mark the current setting. 6885 case there is no material that will fulfill the design requirements, then simply define your individual material.

DIN :- Key, Hub Keyway, Shaft Keyway Details and Dimensions

Own input You can specify different supporting length for the shaft and hub. The progress of for ductile and brittle materials over the frequency is shown in figure 5 according to DIN This item has been successfully added: The database allows you to select a parallel key. Using these load parts, 685 materials with pronounced yield point as well as sufficient manufacturing accuracy are required.


Special cases may occur due to starting impacts, short-circuit torques, emergency breaking torques, abrupt blockings etc. You will get detailed information on the material.

Steady load current generator, uniformly loaded conveyor belt or platform conveyor, worm conveyor, light lifts, packing machinery, feed drives for machine tools, ventilators, light-weight centrifuges, centrifugal pumps, agitators and mixers for light liquids or uniform density materials, shears, presses, stamping machines, vertical gear, running gear Light Shocks: Width of the hub with within the carrying part dni the parallel key, i.

You also get detailed information on the kind of material, hardness factoryield point as well as support factor. Warnings for an effective protection of the Reed switches. Always attentive to the market requirements and to technological research and development, also with the cooperation of Universities and Research Institutes, new products keywway new product lines extend the continuously growing range.

DIN /1 keyways | Elesa

No-slip disks for levelling elements. This message window displays detailed information, helpful hints or warnings about problems. Warnings for an effective protection of the Reed switches. Both materials 66885 be selected from the listbox. Parallel keys, shallow pattern, dimensions and application. Of course we are always interested in your opinion, so we would like to know what you think.

ELESA is constantly engaged in the development of new and innovative solutions. This geometry selection includes the standard lengths of parallel keys. Selection dialog for the parallel key. Select method B from the listbox.


DIN 6885-3 :- Key, Hub Keyway, Shaft Keyway Details and Dimensions

For parallel keys whose parts are made of metallic materials Geometry and parallel key lengths according to DIN Kewyay has to be considered for the shaft strength, hub design and hub wall thickness must also be considered Mainly for parallel keys used in mechanical engineering for the temperature range of C to C If you select this option, the input kfyway will be enabled, so that you can enter your own input values or add a comment. You can navigate through the report via the table of contents that provides links to the input values, results and figures.

68885 main purpose of the parallel key is to transmit static and quasi-static torques. For our calculation example we specify one parallel key. Thus, the friction torque, effective for the power transmission, is decreased.

Types of retaining magnets.

Inputs for method B The following input can be defined: There are various types of parallel keys – the types A to J are available. Din techstreet technical information superstore.

Din 6885 3 keyway pdf file download

In case 2, the changes of load direction factor is dependent upon the frequency of changes of load direction for the parallel key. Width of hub within.

Working Characteristics of the Driven Machine.