Diazotization Titration or Nitrite Titration. Diazotization is used in the analysis of aromatic compounds containing an amino group in the. View Notes – from ECH at University of Florida. Diazotization titration (Nitrite Titration) Mr. V. M. Patil Assistant Professor & PG. Quantitative estimation of Eflornithine by Nitrite (Diazotization) titration Here the amino group of Eflornithine is diazotized with sodium nitrite solution in.

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Analytical Chemistry Volumetric Analysis. What is a chemical reaction? The accurately weighed sample is added to the 5 ml of HCl and 50 ml of distilled water. Applicable for a very less variety of samples. The main principle involved in this method is the formation of the diazo oxide which is more stable than the diazo compounds.

Titfation point where the EMF increases rapidly gives the end point. The end point is detected by appearance of blue colour.

Aniline, aminophenol, and toluidine. The amine reacts with the nitrous acid to form nitrosamine, which is followed by the tautomerisation and the water molecule is lost to form the diazonium ion. Lowitz first prepared the moisture-free solvents non-aqueous solvents.


Used in diazotzation determination of the amphetamine. Rejuvenation required over a period of time to avoid any errors. When sodium nitrite is reacted with the hydrochloric acid sodium chloride and nitrous acid are formed. After diazotization, one drop of the resulting solution is placed on the starch iodide paper which changes into dark colour.

Diazotization Titrations

Reaction time it takes 10—15 min: Share buttons are a little bit lower. Diazotization Titrations free pharmacy study material pharmaceutical analysis pharmaceutical analysis lecture notes.

May be used for the analysis of drugs such as benzocaine, dapsone, primaquine etc. Used in the determination of the sulphonamides.

A Seminar on Potentiometric and Diazotization Titrations

There are mainly three types of methods based on the titration procedure. Volumetric or titrimetric analysis are among the most useful and accurate analytical techniques, especially. Start Free Trial No credit card required.

Then the electrodes are connected to the potentiometer and slowly titrated with sodium nitrite solution until a permanent deflection diazotizarion observed at the end point.

What are the example drugs assayed by the diazotization titrimetry?

Different amino compounds react with the nitrous acid at different rates. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Registration Forgot your password?

A Seminar on Potentiometric and Diazotization Titrations – ppt video online download

Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. The principle involved in this method is diazotkzation the primary aromatic amine present in the sample reacts with the sodium nitrite in the presence of acid such as hydrochloric acid to obtain a diazonium salt.


Usually 30 — 50mV of potential is applied. Appropriately weighed sodium nitrite is dissolved in the water and made up to the desired volume. Vorlander first proposed the non-aqueous titration method that is titration of titrahion with the HCl in non-aqueous solvent, that is, benzene. Disadvantage of fragility, imperfections in the bulb may cause error.

Used in the determination of the procaine. Addition of sodium nitrite to the sample solution takes time to react with the amino group present in the sample solution. Classified as solid state, heterogeneous, liquid ion exchanger and glass ritration. Temperature conditions to be properly maintained throughout the reaction. This information is too useful and my request to you that give some information about errors chapter.