In Davidson’s enjoyable if overplotted 16th culinary novel of suspense (after Crunch Time. Diane Mott Davidson, Morrow, $ (p) ISBN. Crunch Time Cookies: Diane Mott Davidson. Maybe this belongs on my DyingforChocolate blog, but I couldn’t help but post it here. My worlds. No one cooks up a tastier stew of murder, mystery, and mayhem than New York Times bestselling author Diana Mott Davidson. Entertainment Weekly calls her.

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There is plenty of non-fiction for that. I am used to that. There davidsin a problem adding your email address. Goldy’s TSTL moments were out of control. The third problem is that I didn’t like the characters. Tempting Read Always a great romp with Goldy! I thoroughly enjoyed it.


However, the quality of these books has been on a rollercoaster ride. BookPage review by Barbara Clark. Friends are staying Diane Mott Davidson ‘s “Goldy Bear Culinary” mystery series is one of my early favorites, and I’m sad that the author isn’t writing anymore. My copy measured out at over pages. The what-to-have-for-breakfast and what-to-cook-for-dinner, and the fact that her events still have to go on. Just started to read The frenzy is believable. Thoroughly enjoyed this as much as the earlier books by DMD.


What was once an endearing quality of Goldy’s personality which is what really drives these books has now become simply annoying and making me, as a reader, have less and less sympathy for her. If you find this to be redundant, then maybe a different mktt is what you are looking for.

And I miss Julian. As far as books in the series, this one falls somewhere in the middle. In this book, the crime action comes right to Goldy’s home, which makes for even more fun.

I just wish the characters would grow a bit more Arch is 16, it’s time Goldy treated him that way. I can’t believe I’m going to The problem with many authors of long-time series is that they get lazy. That happens in most of the books due to her personality but here she really defies logic in gathering evidence.

Diane Mott Davidson – Crunch Time

But danger lurks behind every slice of coffee cake. View all 3 comments.

I like Goldy and her friends and family, but there is no compelling reason to read about them over any other good cozy mystery; Davidson could easily move on to to stories about someone else. Goldy Schulz, the cannonball Colorado caterer, returns for an eventful performance, as she barrels through the 16th—we could almost call it edible—adventure in this witty series by Diane Mott Davidson.


Some of the plot devices are stale at this point – for example you know that Goldy is going to get beat up or injured several times in the book. Why doesn’t the Kindle version include Goldy’s recipes? I did feel like there were too many davicson plots going on at the same time. I won a copy of this book as a goodreads. Her Aunt Ferninanda is equally unpleasant.

C- or less cringe Goodhearted Goldy is happy to hire her old friend Yolanda Garcia, a top-notch chef fallen on hard times. There were way too many characters and too many subplots, making the story very confusing!

About Diane Mott Davidson.

Mystery Fanfare: Crunch Time Cookies: Diane Mott Davidson

Feb 19, Gail rated it really liked it. Davidson has volunteered for numerous organizations.

Also, I do love the cooking talk. Why wouldn’t it be the safest place to stash stolen goods? She isn’t some gorgeous brilliant redheaded sleuth that sleeps with the other detectives and never has to cook or clean.

And the supporting cast feel like people you’d love to be around. I like the expressions Goldy uses because they sound like real folks.