Buy Denon ASDN Control Dock for iPod featuring Internet Radio, Digital Coaxial Output for iPod Multi-Zone Network Streaming. Review Denon. DENON may void your authority, granted by the FCC, to use the product. 3. NOTE b4: ASDN can be operated from a DENON amplifier or DENON system. Find great deals for Denon ASD51N iPod Dock Ethernet Digital Output. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Email us and tell us why you think this product should receive a higher rating. Roon Nucleus Music Server Reviewed Roon is one of the world’s leaders in software and metadata management, and their platform has taken the audiophile community It’s fairly easy to set up, and the onscreen menu is intuitive to navigate using the supplied remote control. Finally, the deon includes mute and volume buttons that allow dejon to adjust sound level within the confines of your system’s preset audio levels.

The iPod menu system and navigation are similar to that of some other docking systems I’ve used. Continue to Page 2.

The ASDW is compatible with any iPod that uses a dock connector except the 3rd and 4th generation, iPod mini, and iPod photo and will charge the player when it’s docked; I tested a fifth-generation iPod and an iPhone 3G, and both models worked without issue. The system allows you to asd51n other areas of the menu without interrupting song playback.


Analog audio is the default output option, but you can switch to digital output via the setup menu. Sure, playing a CD can still Denon also offers the ASDN, which has only a wired connection.

Denon ASDW iPod Dock Reviewed

The menu options mimic those of your iPod, and you can use the remote’s directional arrows to move through music and video layers, just as you would with the iPod interface. Page 1 Page 2.

Unfortunately, I don’t, so I had to perform a manual setup. The back panel sports an Ethernet port if you prefer a hard-wired network solution, but I went with the WiFi option. Latest Audio Player Reviews Nov It’s worth noting that the xsd-51n from your iPod into the dock is analog. A Top Menu button takes you instantly to the main menu, which consists of iPod, Network, and Setup options.

This process is a bit tedious because the text system requires that you scroll through the entire alphabet upper- and lowercase and symbol list to select each character. The package includes the dock, remote control, and power cable, as well asd-1n a screw-on antenna for WiFi connectivity and a special cable dongle that melds S-video, stereo analog, asd-51nn a dock control connector into one cable.


Even if you don’t plan to use the dock for video or photo playback, you’ll want to make the video connection for menu navigation and setup.

iPod/Networking Client Dock, iPod Speaker Docks | ASDN | Denon

With music tracks, the onscreen menu shows song, artist, album, and time, as well as album art if available. Disagree with our product rating?

Once I was connected to the senon, the ASDW automatically informed me that a firmware update was available, which was a quick and painless process. A virtual keyboard would be welcomed addition. It may not be the most stylish interface I’ve seen, but it’s clear and concise.

Denon ASD51N iPod Dock Ethernet Digital Output

The system does not allow you to output a signal from the digital and analog outputs simultaneously. The onscreen menu system is similar to that of newer Denon receivers, in which the various menu options run vertically along the left part of the screen.

It has followed me around the house, from my home theater system in the basement to my upstairs HDTV.