The Candidates (Delcroix Academy, book 1) by Inara Scott – book cover, description, publication history. My review of Delcroix Academy: The Candidates. A bright beginning to a great new YA series! Readers of paranormal, science fiction, action. : The Candidates (Delcroix Academy, Book 1): light edge wear to jacket and boards; Dancia Lewis has a secret: whenever she sees a person.

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Plus who doesn’t love a little romantic triangle? There was no plot. Otherwise, there was a lot of background information offered in this book; I have to assume this means the next book is going to be totally action packed and full of win! This book held my interest nicely and revolved around a good plot.

You’ll be on the end of your seat trying to figure this one out. And then there’s her mysterious new friend Jack, who can’t stay out of trouble. What was the author thinking when she wrote this?

She is also full of incredible wisdom that sometimes you don’t understand right away. His paranoia is starting to get to Danica. Sit down, and hold your breath while you wait for me to read it. What acaxemy does the author give that lead you to this conclusion?

But, nonetheless, I did pick it up, and I liked it. Trivia About The Candidates D Have you ever intervened in a situation because you wanted to help, only to end up making things worse?

Dancia Lewis was awesooooome! But none of that matters because Scott presents in a way that is so refreshing. Dancia,the main vandidates, is a 14 year old high school freshman.

Delcroix Academy: The Candidates – Inara Scott – Google Books

Adjust the size of the square to fit the group. Otherwise, there was a lot of background information offered in this book; I have to assume this means the next book is going to be totally action packed and full of win! Nothing important, or worth mentioning happens because this book is nothing but a collection of insipid anecdotes.


The girl he loves is an air-head who loves a delcrpix who was using her for most of the book, everyone in the school mistrusts him, and everyone thinks he’s evil for using his powers to candicates his xelcroix from his drunk of a father. Maybe I am still ticked about the ending. You see him running away through a crowd. Dancia thinks she can’t possibly fit in, but joins anyway, whe Dancia Lewis has problems, big problems. I loved the idea of what a candidate is – the abilities and what they mean for not just the school, but everyone in the world.

However, the book’s redeemed by a well-written main character, strong voice, and good writing. Should you take the motorcycle to catch the thief? When does she change her candkdates I would give the book more stars but Delcroix Academy gives me the creeps.

The mystery surrounding the Okay first off, how awesome is Dancia’s Grandma.

There is a lot hanging at the end of Delcroix Academy besides your nimble fingers clutching that cliff. She has no personality, the characters in the book can’t get over how “strong” and “honest” she is but she really isn’t!

The only way to enjoy this mess is by having a bleeding conjunctivitis in both eyes. While I liked Jack guess I go for the broody, bad-boy types, especially those with awesome powers and shady pastsI really didn’t like Cam all that much. Mostly due to the way the author wrote, fast paced by fast paced, I mean one delcrojx happens no matter whether it was action packed or not to another, just like thatand bare scenic details which sometimes I actually like when I can gain more from the dialogue or a character’s back story rather than how many flowers are in a field or something.


Jack is nothing but a troublemaker. Is the deliberate killing of civilians in war ever warranted? The same can be said about Jack.

Unfortunately for her she’s been picked up on the radar by a rather large and high profile private school for gifted teens, the Delcroix Academy.

I was 14 once and I know 14 year olds— we were never that mature and aware. The writing had a nice flow to candidatess, little slow at times but still not a problem. Gorgeous, erm, gorgeous, ah If you like school books with mysterious backgrounds or stories incorporating magic, I think this might be a good choice for you.

I prefer to read books about people who are my age or older, because I feel slightly weird reading about younger people.

Delcroix Academy: The Candidates by Inara Scott: Study Guide

Dancia chooses to ignore her power and enters the big fat land of denial. Having rejected Jack and refused to listen to his warnings the first time around, is she going to make peace with her chosen path? Fill in acafemy details below or click an icon to log in: Do you know anyone like the characters in the book?

Feb 05, Colleen Houck added it Shelves: It’s formulaic, unconvincing and drags heavily in parts. How can you not like him?!

And it was glorious. On one hand, this was a breath of fresh air.