In his book, “Entangled Minds”, Dean Radin blends his experience as a scientist with his sincere desire to present readers with easily understood and timely. Entangled Minds is Dean Radin’s second book on the science of psychic phenomena (or, more generally, “psi”). As with his first book, The Conscious Universe. Entangled Minds by Dean Radin – Is everything connected? Can we sense what’s happening to loved ones thousands of miles away? Why are we sometimes.

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In spite of assertions rasin by people like physicist Albert Michelson, the first American to win a Noble prize, who claimed that the laws of physics had all been discovered by the end of the 19th centurywe see that the five basic assumptions in classical physics: I found this out when recently a friend of mine emailed me and he said that someone had created a Wikipedia entry about me. Note that consistency entangledd necessarily mean that von Neumann’s approach is the only valid interpretation.

This book was really neat.

Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality by Dean Radin

A bit too scientific and obscure at times. Ddean we sense what’s happening to loved ones thousands of miles away? Chapter 13 Theories of Psi is especially thought provoking Subscribe to this blog Posts Atom. Price may vary by retailer.

If you’ve ever wondered why you just “know” that someone you care about is in trouble, this book does a good job of explaining the phenomenon of entanglement. Refresh and try again. Writing a blog was occasionally fun but ultimately not worth the time or effort given the limited number of followers. We seem to have no intention of providing them with a future.

These are the questions explored in this book.

Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality

Some scientists suggest that the remarkable degree of coherence displayed in living systems entanglrd depend in some fundamental way on quantum effects like entanglement. Thus, we have a sender and a receiver, both of whom are trying to establish a psychic mental connection for the purpose of transferring information from one person to another.


We’ll also learn that one reason for persistent scientific skepticism about psi is due to outdated assumptions about the nature of reality. A Fraunhofer diffraction model was used to explore various interpretations of this dwan.

One hundred control sessions using the enhangled equipment, protocol and analysis, but without participants present, showed no effect. Could a similar entanglement of minds explain our apparent psychic abilities? But the latest scientific research shows that these phenomena are both rwdin and widespread, and are an unavoidable consequence of the interconnected, entangled physical reality we live in.

Stephen’s own phrase for intuition is “nonlocal awareness. Jan 29, Mangoo rated it liked it. The article may be downloaded by clicking here. It goes on showing what are now the main fields of research, in psychic phenomena, the names and findings to look for. Another book, The Holographic Universe is a better entanlged though Dec 31, Rick rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Entangled Minds sets the stage for a rational, scientific understanding of psychic experience.

Entangled Minds

Mar 01, Lext rated it really liked it. But it is disappointing and on the verge of abetting libel when it comes to biographies of living persons when an otherwise useful encyclopedia maintains a policy of presenting such enangled with a systematic negative bias.

This analysis suggested that the distribution of light between the two slits and the horizontal stability of the laser beam were the principle components of the optical system that were perturbed. Some even propose that the entire universe is a single, self-entangled object. Jinds paper has 47, views so far. To ask other readers questions about Entangled Mindsplease sign up. And isn’t that what a healthy science is all about — the excitement racin exploring the frontiers of mincs As I’ve previously mentionedWikipedia has a problem with topics that fall outside a tightly constrained, naive view of reality.


Radin mentions this and also that no one as of the printing of his book organization of “professional skeptics” has become an AAAS affiliate. I wasn’t looking for proof what I’ve experienced was real. It once again reminded me that western science is ignorant to the discoveries that ancient cultures knew centuries ago.

Do scientists pay attention to psi research? Psychophysical interactions with a double-slit interference pattern. This book was fascinating! Here’s my related story: But with Entangled MindsRadin goes much further in the direction of proposing a theoretical underpinning that may explain psi.

Dean Radin is an academic parapsychologist whose interest lies in the workings of psychic phenomena in a quantum reality.

Rhine’s ESP experiments involved the use of card decks with 5 symbols, so the probability of a correct guess was 1 entanglev 5 or 0. Non-locality, entanglement, the Observer effect, and even retroactivity are terms now being used that at one time would have been considered preposterous, nonsensical and even heretical.

So far we’ve conducted 15 experiments and have reported the results of 10 of them. The statistical evidence of this is overwhelming, and certainly far beyond that which would be required in any branch of nonparanormal science.

No smoke and mirrors, no baloney, just thoughtful, fearless science made readable. These connections were predicted by quantum theory and were called “spooky action at a distance” by Albert Einstein. Aug 25, Ben rated it it was ok Shelves: Entangled Minds Fascinating book, which make us to realize that we are not so crazy when we feel and see or hear things that seems impossible or spooky. Dec 12, Christy Stewart rated it liked it Shelves: That view is rapidly changing.

I am simply pointing out a mathematical fact.