Dr. Dan Burisch is on a necessary hiatus from official public contact until later this year [December ]. Unfortunately, there is very little that I am allowed to say. Home / Tag Archives: Dan Burisch biological entities and their presence on the earth – as told by the highly controversial whistle-blower, Dr. Dan Burisch. Read J-Rod and Dr Dan Burisch from the story Alien. J-Rod of Area 51 and Dr. Dan Burisch by SanjayPator (Sanjay Pator) with story Dan.

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Click here for full details of the information debriefed to us off-camera on 10 December at the end of Dan’s ‘sabbatical’. I am currently contacting friendly scientists to help decipher some of this.

Also, Tom never knew that I already knew some of the people he referred me to: This God willing I live that long may go on for years! I remember him telling me that he never got to take his badge home at dqn. This unique testimony will give viewers a long, close-up look at the real Dan Burisch.

Interview with Micro-biologist Dr. Dan Burisch

Dealt with A Beam Weapon potential of the craft and the attempt to prototype one. Our sun with its solar system, on its long and slightly uneven orbit around the center of the galaxy, is gradually approaching a position where within a few years it will be exactly and symmetrically level with the plane of the galaxy itself.

Dan has refused to say much, but was inordinately interested in our space program among other things afterwards. Knapp also discovered Burisch worked as a security guard for a Las Vegas casino and was later terminated. I met Dan one day for coffee and asked him if he believed in the Panspermia hypothesisthat earth was seeded by viruses, viroids, or bacteria from space. D degree to be vacated. I learned, after my induction, that my father was deeply involved as a courier between countries for the Majestic while the creation of the Committee of the Majority was being undertaken in the early to mids.

I knew Captain Danny Crain. When Dan got his badge, it was usually paired up with an orange badge that gave his burisxh logging into that facility Papoose for the day. This will provide the time for him to complete his activities with them, and be debriefed from the assignment.


Project Camelot | Dan Burisch

We built an excellent relationship with them, and shot over two hours of video which we burissch here. Dan’s experiences with Extraterrestrials, and Majestic, go back about 20 years. I also know that we can’t possibly reach everybody.

I deeply hope that my latest assignment, in Africa, has served the interests of the United States of America. A very nifty guy.

I have and am submitting documents and background on this man to experts who can help, but giving him the benefit of the doubt, and after hearing similar tales burisc others who work in the Black Worldif nothing buriscn we want this man alive and free in the future along with other scientists and technicians who are working for the greater good.

Since I was also told many years ago about an experiment that went very wrong in the early years of the LG projectinvolving a test subject of some kind.

He was still required to follow all the protocols, however his badge as we later learned was keyed to allow him access to multiple levels within the laboratory complexes at both Area and S Fearing for his health under the stress of these unpredicted results and fearing that they might have ruined one of their best scientists they decided to take steps to reverse what they’d done.

We offer it in response to a number of requests for a summary of the very complex and important edifice of testimony which is Dan Burisch’s personal story. Dan was rapidly promoted within the team and soon found himself being trained in the protocols necessary for entering into the Clean Sphere and work directly with the J-Rod.

Reynolds, and becoming highly skilled in microscopy – eventually being brought into the Los Angeles Microscopical Society as the youngest member they had ever had. Some argue that this is currently causing an increase of solar activity and a consequent warming of every planet in the solar system, not just the Earth, and that a catastrophe unprecedented in our civilization is in danger of occurring.

We hope you enjoy and appreciate your time with him as much as we did. In this second in-depth interview, which arose from our having presented him with a long list of questions of our own, Dan goes into great detail about both the technology and the politics of the Stargates and the Looking Glass.


But, burlsch my other contacts who did know him said he was a great guy! The orders were also addressed to me to facilitate Dan’s completion of this mission and others to protect him as he fulfilled his orders. Once the beam is focused in a triangulated manner on a specific point, the options of destructions are endless.

Project Aquarius and the Story of Dr. Dan Burisch

He did, however, announce in his blog in December that we were now safely off Timeline 2 on which the catastrophe occurred in the future humans’ history and were instead now on ‘Variant van of Timeline 1’. Is the correlation daj the two that is diminution of redundancy correct?

The contact lasted for approximately three hours. What is not described here by Marci are the several very serious beatings Dan received. I can prove to the world, that the UFO Subject is real. Dan speaks to issues about the doctrine of convergent timeline paradox and how the Stargate Looking Glass technology impacts us all.

To answer this question, my contact was not specific, saying only that cameras did not move, as mass does not change in its perspective to space time. Below these hash marks was his designated area S4. Dan has only encountered these in treaty negotiations, and has stated in his recent interview with Project Camelot that he admired them and would have liked to have spent more time with them.

He was taken to the briefing room and told to study reports about propulsion and the role of gravity as the propulsion medium. In Dan and his colleague Marci McDowell we found two very human people whom we quickly came to like. Now the friends of another scientist who worked at S-4 have stepped forward and I have taken this new case bearing in mind all those nasty critics out there.

Las Vegas investigative journalist George Knapp says Burisch contacted him in the late s about a computer that incorporated biological neural tissue as a functioning system. Dan still refused to tell them anything.