The Eisenhorn trilogy by Dan Abnett is a collection of three novels – Xenos, Malleus, and Hereticus – featuring Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn. A later omnibus. Eisenhorn is a series of novels and short stories by Dan Abnett, following the adventures of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn. It originally debuted in alongside. Dan Abnett has been writing comics and novels since the mids. In comics he has worked Ravenor: The Omnibus (Eisenhorn trilogy spinoff series, omnibus, pages, August , ISBN ). Ravenor (hardcover,

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Feb 04, Darrel Altmann rated it it was amazing. Looking for beautiful books? Apr 12, GrilledCheeseSamurai rated it liked it Shelves: And that’s what this novel was.

Eisenhorn (Series)

Abnett’s eisdnhorn of the grim darkness of the far future sets an excellent backdrop for a morality play that’s as old as literature itself. Gleefully ‘it’ is a major player in influencing Eisenhorn – who is known as a traditionalist of sorts, helps turn him to a more radical mindset.

Third, however, Abnett is not a silly writer, and despite the pace it is a smart set of novels. Mar 01, Anthony Defranco rated it it was amazing. I’ll give it an easy abndtt. For more totally unjustified snark, check out my review blog here! The first novel is the least accessible of the three.

Here was a world that mixed Lovecraftian horror, with fantasy, and the sci- I have a vague memory of hanging out with some friends in elementary school as they rolled some dice and moved around some painted science fiction themed miniatures on a pool table.

This also leads to what I think is a pretty great quote: Then in he published Pariahthe first novel of the Bequin series, subtitled ‘Ravenor vs Eisenhorn’. Him and his Space Marine Chapter hunt down chaos.


Dan Abnett bibliography

I mentioned him above. Sep 20, Andrew Ziegler rated it it was amazing. Return to Book Page. The poignancy of the story arc in the final chapters is beautiful.

Dan Abnett bibliography – Wikipedia

An enemy gets shot in the hand eosenhorn it would have been just as easy to shoot them in the head, killing them then and there. One of the best warhammer 40k books i’ve read.

Other books in the series. I know I eisenhodn late to the party, the Inquisitor aabnett are old as publication standards go, but after suffering through some pretty crap Black Library novels, when you read the good stuff it is like finding Sting in a pile of rusted shit. No prior knowledge required. The Actual Review Well, that was a long spiel of background. His organisation is destroyed and is hunted by a man know as Khanjar the Sharp. This book is actually three books – Xenos, Malleus and Hereticus – which make up a story arc of the Inquisitor and his staff.

Additionally, I love getting a chance to see the elements of the 40k universe which are not typically depicted in the game; it’s nice to see what Imperial planets look like before they are invaded by Eisenhorh and burned to a crisp. I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a quick entertaining read and anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of the WH40k eiisenhorn, especially fan they were going to sit down and play the rpg, Dark Heresy, which pretty much is based on eeisenhorn Eisenhorn trilogy.

I actually originally read “Xenos”, the first novel in the trilogy, as a stand alone novel I picked up in a secondhand bookshop and was so impressed I coughed up the money for the whole omnibus edition straight after. I am happy I did. Lastly, let me say the second short story included is the reason I often feel sorry for tie-in writers though I know they choose the world they write in.


So you can imagine how surprised I was to be confronted with the quality of this work.

Eisenhorn (Series) | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Check out my review blog here! This is one of those books where you say you’ll just read one more chapter before bed and next thing you know it is 3 am.

The character Eisenhorn is very well done. I can’t really say to much without spoilers so I will limit myself to generalities. As you may can noticed, this took me over a month to read; Christmas, New Years, studying and life admin. He misses, but only thanks to the mass of people between them.

It’s the story of an Inquisitor of the Order Xenos despite never really going after Xenos who finds himself going down the slippery slope from a conservative to a radical.

Maybe it was done on purpose but I felt there wasn’t enough time to become familiar with him and the other new characters and their dismissal doesn’t have that much of an impact on eisenhofn story. In fact iesenhorn entire book, all three novels and two stories, are extremely fun books.