Iyanden is an Eldar Craftworld. Once the most populated and largest of the Craftworlds, it is now on the brink of extinction after being invaded by Hive Fleet. This article is about the Chaos invasion; for the Tyranid invasion of Iyanden, see The Battle of Iyanden was a major Chaos invasion of the Eldar Craftworld of. Background: Iyanden is an Eldar Craftworld, the greatest worldship of the Eldar empire that was.

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Anyway, more stuff will be affected and more stuff will die. Alas, never had Iyanden faced an enemy whose forces were so widespread, and the Council began to fear that even with the ghost warriors, their forces might be insufficient to claim victory.

Warhammer 40K

Yet if the ghost warriors did not fight, the Craftworld would be destroyed, and the Infinity Circuit itself would die alongside. Little by little, Kallorax’s supply chains withered and died. Awakening the Ghost Warriors had ever been a measure of last resort; to do so in any course other than survival was held by craftworls Eldar to be a break with tradition and an abuse of their honoured dead. With their passing, the smaller Tyranid vessels flew into an uncoordinated frenzy and were easy prey.

Yet still, Kallorax’s anger grew.

He was glad that the Craftworld’s madness had at last burnt itself out, but he despaired at the price. Yriel’s replacement was a middle-ranking worthy named Ethrael. By contrast, the Iyanden Eldar saw little value in squandering strength on worlds they could not afford to re-colonise; nor did they hate the aliens so deeply as their Biel-Tan kin — indeed, the Eldar of Iyanden pitied many of the aliens for their shortcoming.

Not all of Iyanden’s folk were so afflicted; a few Farseers saw the danger. These powers look to have a a mirror power — one buffs a friendly with and the other debilitates an enemy unit. Hive Fleet Kraken approaches Iyanden. After Iyanden was saved, the Council of Seers questioned the Dark Eldar as to why they intervened, and they replied simply that they gain extreme entertainment from watching Iyanden’s angst-ridden use of necromancy.


First Craftworld: Iyanden – 3++

This was most unexpected, for Kelmon had been the Prince’s most vocal detractor in recent years, ever at the forefront of attempts craftorld curtail his influence. Iyanden is more reliant on its Ghost Warriors than any other Craftworld. With a growl akin to an erupting volcano, the Avatar roared a challenge to the Hive Tyrant. Not a single bio-dome remained untouched by the skittering hordes of the Tyranid race.

To enter these ravaged chambers was to risk madness; the crystal within bore strange reflections and fragments of memory, the impossible breezes carried echoes of sorrowful songs. Iyanden is an Asuryani Craftworldthe greatest worldship of the Aeldari Empire that was. Rekkfist had been broken forever.

It’ll take a while for the shine to wear off. Thousands upon thousands of its noble warriors fell in battle against the Great Devourer.

Craftworld Iyanden

Although Ethrael could repel but a fraction of the swarms, those that landed were easily isolated and destroyed. There were still wars and battles to be fought, of course, for the galaxy was ever a cruel home, and Yriel’s spear seldom found itself resting idle.

Wraith constructs will still be an important part of Iyanden armies, iyanven their Craftworld Attribute is versatile enough to allow for a range of powerful builds focused around elite units of all kinds, including tanks and aspect warriors. Theses were Wraithknights, and much too massive to be accommodated within a Vampire’s sleek hull.

Instead, he gathered his own ships and struck at the Chaos Warfleet whilst it was yet distant from Iyanden.

Seeing the Orks falter, though not knowing the cause, Taec Silvereye urged his own craffworld forwards. It was rumoured that they would speak only of the Craftworld’s Infinity Circuit, though none knew the reason behind this.


Battle was joined in ever imaginable arena.

Craftworld Iyanden – 1d4chan

Spirits were raised even more when it transpired that the next assault wave was tiny in comparison to what had come earlier. Brushing aside countless Daemons, the Eldar eventually reach the engine room but find Gara’gugul’gor himself.

All at once, the pirate lord felt his strength flee.

They spoke of how Yriel could feel the hand of death upon his shoulder, and that this constant reminder drove him to seek a lasting legacy for his people before death claimed him. On the other side of the coin, strong units of Guardians become much more efficient and make for an excellent target for Psychic Powers without having to worry about being mauled in the Morale phase. Not all those slain in the fires were Tyranids; many defenders had been cut off by the Tyranid advance, and now those that had not succumbed to the warriors of the Hive Mind did so to the flames.

All in all, the firestorm batteries tracked and destroyed thirty-five of the inbound torpedoes, but through a malign quirck of fate, the thirty-sixth evaded all efforts and pitted against it. The distance of their charges and the power of their melee are pretty much the two greatest strengths of the Orks at the moment, so both auras are potentially very useful.

Theses were Wraithknights, and much too massive to be accommodated within a Vampire’s sleek hull. Alas, confidence became arrogance, and would soon cost all three Craftworlds dearly.