The source PSTricks commands are stored in file. Pstake will (i) wrap them around a boilerplate, (ii) use LaTeX to generate an EPS file, and (iii) convert the. The package pst-pdf simplifies the use of graphics from PSTricks and other Post- Can be used to just convert the document with LATEX. Can someone help, at least to get started on a conversion / translation? \ usepackage{pstricks,pst-node,pstcol} %% used only for

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By using our site, you converf that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. My group uses Literate Programming for most of our source codethis means that internal documentation is written using LaTeX. We have been using PStricks for fancy technical diagrams of the system, but have recently been recommended to use TikZ.

[pstricks] how to convert pstricks to eps?

I’ve gathered this information:. I’m interested in the answers to two questions. If you wish, feel free to post one answer per question:. What is the learning curve like for the two tools?

Considered as programming APIsis one of these two packages significantly better designed than the other? If so, which is the better design, and why? What properties does it have that make you consider it better? To make a compelling argument why one API is better than another, you may want to resort convet examples.

This question appears to be off-topic. The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it.

For convsrt users of pstricks, I’d recommend writing all new documents using TikZ in the future. TikZ gives you powerful abstractions, even if you are not a programmer, or you are not willing to program this time. I don’t have experience writing TikZ extensions, but from a quick glimpse of the TikZ source code, it seems to be easy to understand and extend, compared to other TeX macro packages I came across.


As a fond user of TikZ I have been having this debate with a professor in my physics department who loves pstricks and I think we have come to a conclusion as I have stated in other posts.

Absent a few times when dipping into the PS itself, TikZ and pstricks are very comparable in most ways. The extensibility and compatibility convsrt TiKZ is appealing leading us to agree that:. Tikz has a great-looking manual and is clearly very powerful. OP was asking about ‘ease of learning’: PSTricks certainly requires some trial and error, and I think some coding discipline which I’m not very good at.

I can’t imagine being without it. On the other hand, ‘decorations’ look pretty neat. I psrricks the ‘saved from trash’ example on page !

I don’t like the fact that Tikz seems pstriks use an entirely pstrcks notation — I don’t recognize LaTeX in it which makes it seem foreign and weird. The manual looks beautiful, though. The transparency and ‘fade’ effects seem very powerful.

Convert PSTricks to TikZ – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

Tikz seems a bit more on the “drawing” end of things. As a rule, I don’t make drawings, I make figures. Can you do arithmetic on coordinates? I’d have to start over and learn from scratch to use Tikz, which is a tough sell if I’m tp even sure what I would get out of it. The application will generate math problems and produces pdf files to be downloaded by the visitor. The math problems contain some jpeg images and mathematical diagrams.

I was confused whether to use PSTricks yo Tikz.

After benchmarking the application, I must use Tikz because it needs only one compilation step using pdftex. So Tikz wins in this scenario. I think pstricks is superior. You can use xshift and yshift, but these require units! I’ve gathered this information: TikZ works with many back ends, including for those who care pdftex.

PStricks works only with dvips. PStricks is more powerful and expressive than TikZ. In a dire emergency you even have the full power of PostScript. PStricks has a significant ecology of extra packages that have been built on top of it; TikZ is too new to have many such things. TikZ claims to have been designed “with the shortcomings of PStricks in mind.


[pstricks] how to convert pstricks to eps?

If you wish, feel free to post one answer per question: Norman Ramsey k 52 I prefer TikZ to pstricks because I think TikZ is better designed is easier to learn is compatible with pdftex gives you more power and abstraction you don’t have to covnert as many coordinates by hand lets you create more beautiful graphics with the same effort it is easier to extend using TeX programming it was designed from the ground up with extensibility in mind For the users of pstricks, I’d recommend writing all new documents using TikZ in the future.

What makes TikZ a better design? Have a look at the code.

I think you’ll find more proper and useful and generic abstractions there which you can hook on in your extensions than in PSTricks. Once you are familiar with the basics of TikZ, you can quickly use almost any feature by looking in the manual for 10 minutes. I’ve written some TikZ extensions such as new node shapes, and this is not so hard if you understand the TeX calculation primitives and look at the TikZ source code.

The extensibility and compatibility of TiKZ is appealing leading us to agree that: We think that new users should learn TikZ. Old hands at pstricks probably clnvert gain enough from the switch and may not be worth doing.

I am developing an asp. I hope my answer matches your question: LaTeX 1 12 Have a look at my answer to a question here: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.