Conquistadora,” Esmeralda Santiago’s thrilling new historical novel, follows a determined young woman to Puerto Rico in the mid 19th century. Esmeralda Santiago plays with, then capsizes, these caricatures in “ Conquistadora,” which she has set in midth-century Puerto Rico. Esmeralda Santiago (born May 17, ) is a Puerto Rican author and former actress known (Hardcover – April ); Conquistadora by Esmeralda Santiage (Author) ()(review, Washington Post, 30 Jy , C-1); El sueño de América.

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It was at times a miserable slog to get through, at times infuriating, at times confusing as hell. Ana really could have been something special, ignoring her instinctual dislike of slavery in favor of exploiting her workers to further her ambitions. Upon arriving in Puerto Rico, Ana and the twins learn that the farm has been neglected. One thing I thought was well done was the portrayal of varying attitudes comquistadora slavery.

Esmeralda Santiago – Wikipedia

I researched Conquistadora backward. But readers can be tested to reach the ending of this thick book.

I thought I knew the island where I was born, but placing myself fsmeralda a different time with my invented ancestors gave me a fuller understanding of my own history.

People and situations are explained rather than experienced. A remarkable story for its detail, imagination, meticulous research, and wisdom, this is history written by a lion at the height of her powers.

Santiago currently lives in Westchester County, New York with her husband. What did they eat? If I had to distill it all down, I’d say this book left me feeling conflicted, but ultimately satisfied. There she was, a petite, smart, feisty, courageous, ambitious girl seeking a better fate than the one before her.


What was the kernel that eventually led to Conquistadora? Hopefully there will be a sequel to tie a few things together, otherwise this story would feel somewhat incomplete. Santiago coquistadora vividly about the island itself. Worthy lived there in the early and mid-nineteenth century.

Mom lived near a sugarcane field and saw, first-hand, controlled fires during the zafra.

Esmeralda Santiago

What did they look like? I was particularly interested in what work people might have performed, what their lives might have been like.

One esmeraoda the reasons the conquistadores were able to subdue entire populations was their force of character, their insistence that their way was the only way to do things, even if it meant erasing populations and centuries of tradition and custom.

But about half way through the book, the author more or less left those plots behind and foc I thought I would like this santigo better than I did. Puerto Rican scholars and historians have written about the practices and regulations on the island conquistavora with other places.

Conqyistadora follows is a thorough history of Puerto Rico, a good story filled with struggles, triumphs, love, and loss. She does so by marrying a young man whose family has a plantation in P I was reading actually listening to this book because the author is going to be at our library in mid-July and I thought it would be good to read something of hers and then go hear her speak.

But author Esmerelda Santiago. I didn’t like Conquistadora as much as I thought I would but it was an enjoyable read Refresh and try again. But living among slaves now, they were confronted with every aspect of its reality. Ana’s ambition paints her as cold and sometimes cruel, but the determination she shows is remarkable, if not admirable. Severo, who can easily kill a man, can also design a beautiful hilltop mansion and handle silk as he esmeraldz it melting under his work-worn fingers.


Jul 12, Minutes.

Her writing career evolved from sanhiago work as a writer of documentary and educational films. I would have preferred a close-third to a few of the characters rather than the disconcerting visits into the p.

There is not one esmeeralda thought in this book, no beautiful imagery, no great characterization. Ana, as a widow, decides to marry Severo who has proved himself as an asset to Los Gemelos.


Conquistadora echoes the classic Gone With the Wind, and the main character reflects the strength and stubbornness of Scarlett O’Hara. In Santiago had a stroke affecting her ability to read and speak.

My paternal grandparents, like 80 percent of Puerto Ricans conquistafora the turn of the twentieth century, were illiterate. Jul 05, Lisa P rated it it was amazing Shelves: Today we live in a peculiar ambivalence as our culture is becoming less Spanish-centric and more estadounidense. And being terrified makes them even more despotic.