Confessions of a Video Vixen has ratings and reviews. Morgan said: Written with a shoddiness that defies the laws of imagination and gravity. I. Steffans not only offers scandalous details but names names in a book called ” Confessions of a Video Vixen,” scheduled to be in stores next. Book Review of Confessions of a Video Vixen: the Nonfiction, Paperback by Karrine Steffans (Amistad, Oct 17, ).

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Yizette was kept captive for 3 days by the 5 men. I was in excruciating pain as we continued in this manner for several hours. Published October 17th by Amistad first published If they’re already in danger, she hopes to inspire them to find a way to dig themselves out of what she knows first-hand to be a cycle of hopelessness and despair.

Jamie Foxx told her, “Damn, you’re pretty! Diddyand Fred Durst. She states initially that she was ‘wed’ to him under her alias Yizette Santiago with a fake age, ID, etc, ergo, the marriage was not actually binding supposedly unbeknownst to Confdssions G. Not to menton she was a child during all of this As she cojfessions I’m not going to tell a lie.

Her real name is Karen Stephens. ET June 26, She said in the beginning that she did this for girls. She gives her philosophy of life which feels like dime store wisdom.

In a burst of delusion, she pretends that Ja is Tyson Beckford or somebody and actually praises his looks.

More confessions of ‘Video Vixen’ Karrine Steffans – NY Daily News

Don’t bother reading it, just call me and I’ll tell you all the juiciest parts. Karrine isn’t the best writer, but she isn’t the worst. At the BET ceremony, he said, one young rapper was eager to know if the book mentioned him.


She was a super freak!!!!!!!! She blames her mother, her father, the men that didn’t come through for her Marcus playing on an LCD in the background as if it were part of the decorations. He was one of Super Heads Ex boy friends. Simply, because, she gave me what I wanted to hear. But, Steffans went along for the ride — literally. She rose up through the ranks of video ho stardom shaking her ass for various important rappers and ball players, eventually finding herself in a tailspin of drugs, alcohol, abuse, and all the not so bright things about the LA lifestyle.

If I had to recommend my book to someone then I would pick my teacher Ms. Did I mention she was known as Superhead? Once the sought- Part tell-all, part cautionary tale, this emotionally charged memoir from a former video vixen nicknamed ‘Superhead’ goes beyond the glamour of celebrity to reveal the inner workings of the hip-hop dancer industry—from the physical and emotional abuse that’s rampant in the industry, and which marked her own life—to the excessive use of drugs, sex and bling.

Two Posties free at last! I think it endorses a really sexist idea of women’s sexuality. During Barbara’s visit, Stein said, Swanalander suffered a heart attack. Diddy and Shaquille O’Neal. She also seems to sensualize some of her stories but then they just end abruptly yet she can tell you exact details of materialistic things like what suit a person wore or what kind of car a person drove plus the interior of the car.

Apr 02, Beck rated it did not like it Shelves: Was she really raped?

Steffana naming names, she glamourizes her experiences, making her contacts of more interest than her actual tale. Mindlessly entertaining if reading about a floozy sleeping her way to the top of the bottom amuses you. She tried to justify being so promiscuous, but none of it made any sense, so it was really hard to see her in any good light.


More information about how Steffan extricated herself from this mess of a life whether through sheer dumb vkxen, God or therapy would be a redeeming quality.

Confessions of a Video Vixen

Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. She was revolted by one “A-list name-above-the-title” Oscar winner who invited her to his Beverly Hills mansion. And so I resolved to read her book. Nov steffasn, Beth rated it it was ok. Sex with “insatiable” producer Irv Gotti “became more like a boxing match. She also has a young son who it seems that she kartine for weeks at a time when she’s partying.

All without any observable talent and no education? Aug 15, Tafari added it. So I read this book using the word book loosely to see what it was about. She still continues to cash in Still, she shares intimate details of trysts with well-known rap artists, athletes and entertainers. I can only imagine the lives she ruined.

I mean, you didn’t pick it up expecting to read Dickens, did you? According a police report, the lawyer said, the deceased was found naked. But the question has cut two ways; it has been as much about Ms.

Steffan’s was escorted by Bill Maher and it’s no secret that he likes chocolate.

My legs were wrapped around his waist and just before his body was to merge with mine, I noticed his upper right chest. But I was interested in hearing what all the talk was about. Confessions doesn’t break any new ground in that regard.