For mission-critical applications where reliability is paramount, or when the cost of printing is a concern, the Compuprint is ready to support core business . Buy direct from the leader in Compuprint! Compuprint is in stock at SINCA – Printers, Parts, Supplies & Repair Services. Call !. The Compuprint dot matrix printer prints up to characters per second on up to 8 part forms. Get a quick quote. Find specifications. Ask experts.

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When the printer is in Ready state, the display gives the following information: The main printer setup parameters can be selected via the operator panel.

Page Sferal WWT proprietary. This setup defines the use of the serial interface and is structured according to the interface specific parameters.

There are currently no product reviews Write a review on this product! The operator panel consists of: Summary of Contents for Compuprint Page 1 Rev. Scrolls the parameters of the functions or macros backwards.

To check the Tear-Off Position proceed as follows: Attach the Controller Board with the two screws using the screwdriver that came in the Controller Board box. An additional front push tractor may be installed on the printer.


Compuprint 10300 User Manual

If the printer is not installed on the cabinet, make sure that there is enough space to stack the printed paper Hold the fanfold paper in front of the sprockets and insert the paper perforation on the left sprocket pins and close the sprocket cover. If your printer is installed on a table, position the paper staple so that the paper is freely fed into the printer.

The Guard bars extend into the human readable line of the barcode symbol when it is enabled. Unlit when the printer is compupdint and the buffer does not contain any data, or during the initialization, setup or tests. co,puprint

Compuprint | Impact Printers | Compuprint Series

Page changing the Macro or pressing the key is pressed, the PARK printer performs automatically the parking procedure. Download the Datasheet english version. The possible interfaces are: Passing over to the Power-On Configuration At this point of the setup, it is possible to pass over to compuprrint Power On Configuration functions setting.

The messages indicating the paper paths are shown depending upon the printer model and if the corresponding loading device is installed on the printer. Position the left sprocket for printing, matching the left paper margin with the eleventh notch on the printer cabinet and lock it in place.


It must be used if you need to repack the printer for shipment.

Compuprint 10300 Dot Matrix Printer

Tear off the fanfold paper and then press the park the paper. Function Keys If you press the key while powering the printer on, the Power-On Configuration is selected. The Program setup printout indicates: This printer can be connected to your host computer compuprinh different available interfaces on two alternative controllers. Page Check the paper path and remove the jammed paper.

Program Setup The default values of the various functions are indicated in bold. Turn the printer off and then on again. Consider the following points when you choose the location for your printer: It is important to use the correct paper for obtaining the best performance. Alternate Parks the paper in the currently selected paper path. Insert the paper on the right sprocket pins, make sure the paper goes under the paper sensor and close the sprocket cover.

The printer performs the draft printing at high speed.