COMNAVAIRFORINST C. 15 Jan 1-i. CHAPTER 1. Introduction and Guide for Using the Naval Aviation Maintenance. Program (NAMP) Instruction. comnavairforinst pdf – mishmatch – download comnavairforinst these files are related to comnavairforinst comnavairforinst – pdf. COMNAVAIRFORINST A. Supply Operations Manual (SOM) Ashore. COMNAVAIRFORINST B COMNAVAIRFORINST A.

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For additional specific information concerning this program, refer to Chapters 3 and 15 for documentation. In addition, the symbol with a footnote, “Location unclassified,” will be included.

The 8830.1 shall determine when an aircraft will be placed in preservation. Block 3 – RPT. Enter the aircraft reporting custodian. Comnavairrorinst of Aircraft Inspections: The activity transferring the item of SE may elect to increase the depth of inspection if the SE condition indicates such action is warranted and shall screen the item to ensure all periodic maintenance is current prior to shipping.

Only those applicable subheadings are listed. This priority is also assigned to O-level maintenance activity’s work stoppage requirements. TDs must be arranged in the order listed in the following paragraph. It should not be limited to verifying statements of interested parties, but should be broad enough to ensure the interests of the government as well as the rights of the individual s or activities concerned are fully protected.

Comnavairforinst 8380 2

Component repair is the overhaul, repair, check, test, certification, modification, or manufacturing of aeronautical material, mission equipment, engines, and SE. The phase maintenance concept divides the total scheduled maintenance requirements into small packages or phases comnavarforinst are accomplished sequentially at specified intervals. For squadron Maintenance Departments that employ contractors, the Contractor Site Manager, when assigned, must designate in writing, the contractor personnel authorized to certify aircraft Safe for Flight.


General station collateral equipment, including labor-saving devices Section C allowance list items. Completion of all required phases at their specified intervals completes the phase inspection cycle.

The following guidance is provided in determining when to submit a BA report Figures and Broad Arrow Addendum Sample Message The next line will be used by the ferry pilot to enter the ferry flight time. Broad Arrow Addendum Message Format In these cases, the daily inspection must be completed immediately prior to the commencement of the mission.

The phase inspection supervisor and representatives from QA, Material Control, and all applicable work centers shall attend the meeting. When the aircraft is transferred, the logbook is transferred with it. Individual items within each section shall be numbered as nearly as possible in the sequence of their physical location, generally from front to rear.

Special inspections may be delayed while in Type I preservation as follows: When these instances occur, use the following procedures: Enter the date the form was initiated.

Chapter 5 – NAVAIR –

Broad Arrow Report Message Format Assign a D series document number to all BK0 material requisitions. Activities deploying detachments that transfer and accept between home guard and detachments are not required to perform an FCF when transferring between home guard and detachments.

Increasingly, special support procedures are required which accent speed of response, mobility, and reliability, but which are feasible within existing stocks of materials. Structure, Nomenclature, and an introduction to. Paints, wiping rags, towel service, cleaning agent, and cutting compounds used in preventive maintenance and corrosion control of aircraft.


Under no circumstances shall spare repairable components of any type, RFI or NRFI, be allowed to be held in any activity, unless authorized by higher authority. Phase inspections are not included in the standard rework specifications, and are not done during the standard rework process.

Chapter 5 – NAVAIR

If comnaairforinst plant does not have a resident inspector, or if the aircraft has been procured for the DON under an Air Force or Army contract and delivery is not made directly to the DON representative at the contractor’s plant but to an aircraft delivery point, the DON representative at the delivery point is considered the original accepting activity. Generally, a temporary loan will occur when the supply system can support the material need, however, the need cannot be met in a timely manner.

FCFs are required to determine whether the airframe, power plant, accessories, and equipment are functioning per predetermined standards comnaairforinst subjected to the intended operating environment.

Blocks M and N TD information will be filled in by the rework activity. Appropriate EOC codes must be applied to material discrepancies found during the inspection. This block contains all components with life limits measured in flight hours or calendar time. The following is a list of expense type transactions that comnavairforint proper charges to the flight operations OPTAR: Aircraft Arrival Message Format