Commutative Monads, Diagrams and Knots. Dan Piponi. Industrial Light & Magic, San Francisco [email protected] Abstract. There is certain diverse class of. Commutative monads diagrams and. knots pdf. Commutative monads diagrams and Commutative monads diagrams and knots pdf knots pdf. DOWNLOAD!. Commutative monads diagrams and knots pdf. none ab55cfc. PenIMC. or, if you have already installed an earlier copy from the product CD.

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It is not a paper about implementing transformers, but about using them to write elegant, clean and powerful programs in Haskell. Simon Willerton on Commutwtive 29, 6: Three case studies are looked at in detail: They can mimic the effect of impure features such as exceptions, state, and continuations; and also provide effects not easily achieved with such features.

dblp: Dan Piponi

No prior knowledge of monads or category theory is required. Abstract Without adding any primitives to the language, we define a concurrency monad transformer in Haskell. I’m not sure whether this write-up adds anything on top of the existing resources, but Jim Blinn, a graphics researcher at Microsoft Research has written up some course notes on tensor diagrams: Such parsers form an instance of a monadan algebraic structure from mathematics that has proved useful for addressing a number of computational problems.


Moreover, all these forms of specification can be used directly for testing.

A Neighborhood of Infinity

My point about coding was not so much about having equations for surfaces and curves, but more about having something like macros. December by Graham HuttonErik Meijer posted to combinators monads parsing by andrewbutterfield on We make monada a link between our theory and the theory of Schwartz distributions of compact support. The materiality of interactive artifacts concerns, on one hand, design materials and activities, while on the diagfams hand, it is strongly related to the users experiencing the materiality.

This is all pretty fascinating to me. So diagrammatic languages are not just for Vect, but for almost any category.

There will be minor issues with non-orientable surfaces that are mapped into 3-space. Many useful programming constructions can be expressed as monads. The braiding does not play any role in this game! This paper shows how list comprehensions may be generalised to an arbitrary monad, and how the resulting programming feature can concisely express in a pure functional language some programs commutaitve manipulate state, handle exceptions, parse text, or invoke continuations.

Simon Willerton on April 9, 8: How do I get the manipulable version of the video?

Commutative Monads, Diagrams and Knots () | Hacker News

Putting a box around the junction would also hide this. Anyway, do you mean using linked objects? I call it a “linear algebra” book in the same way that the right way to understand much of Lie algebra theory is as graduate level linear algebra.

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You should be sure to read Penrose’s original paper where he introduced the notation: Still, it has not been clear how to reconcile that xiagrams distinction with the continuing Is that still a possibility?

KingPhilip Wadler posted to monads by montelatici on Copy My Attachments My Copy. Modeling Surface Diagrams-meshlab You need acrobat version 7, 8 or 9, I think.

The use of monads to structure functional programs is described. I think that Joyal and Street are the correct names for proving that planar diagrams exactly capture monoidal category theory.

In fact, many things by Ross Street. Hughes’ arrows were shown, by Jacobs et al.

April 25, 4: Modeling Surface Diagrams-meshlab The meshlab link gave me only the surrounding text – no graphic. For LaTeXing the diagrams, Tikz is extremely versatile and usable. Abstract Category theorists invented monads in the ‘s to concisely express certain aspects of universal algebra.

Diagfams Advanced Functional Programming, Vol.