Aligning COBIT® , ITIL® V3 and ISO/IEC for Business Benefit November No Login Required; COBIT Mapping: Mapping of ITIL V3 With COBIT. Disclaimer ITGI has designed COBIT Mapping: Mapping of ITIL v3 With COBIT (the Work) primarily as an educational resource for control professionals. Mapping of ITIL v3 with COBIT® is planned to be be published on the ISACA website before the end of the first quarter of

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No other right or permission is granted with respect to this work. CobiT provides a template to validate your opinions. Betz maping Wed, Agile Vietnam, Hanoi, 18th November. No part of this publication may be published, reproduced, copied or stored in a data processing More information. Se that other post:.

Mapping of ITIL V3 with COBIT :

Submitted by supportthought on Mon, No part of this publication may be published. AllDay DevOps17th October. Refer to both frameworks, why don’t you?

The world changes, beliefs don’t. Use of any trademarks on this website is not intended in any way to infringe on the rights of the trademark holder. Revised October Revised October Version 3.

It also concerns the safeguarding of necessary resources and associated capabilities. Submitted by skeptic on Sat, PO9 Assess and manage IT risks. Okay, tea leaves aside. The term of scenario is used More information. ITIL guidance I can relate it more to real IT life of course with limits you have discussed much better into various postings, my favorite the Service Strategy. Those topics are addressed primarily in the book Service Strategy.


People are the personnel required to plan, organise, acquire, implement, deliver, support, monitor and evaluate the information systems and services. ITIL has always frustrated me because it “Borrows” other approaches with limited accreditation, or reference. It’s Ok for process geeks like us but for the real world it is utterly ridiculous. However, Cobit in its present state is too big for a casual user.

I read the market demand differently Aale. A maturity model has been defined for each of the 34 COBIT IT processes, providing an incremental measurement scale from 0, non-existent, through 5, optimised. It is necessary to mitigate the risk of implementing a service management system that does not work right away. When used together, the power of both approaches is amplified, with a greater likelihood of management support and direction, and a more cost-effective use of implementation resources.

PO7 Manage IT human resources.

The ITIL V3 – COBIT V4.1 mapping white paper is available and no wonder noone is saying much

AI3 Acquire and maintain technology infrastructure. ISO and Cobit point to other elements and standards where possible. PO7 Manage IT human resources.

On the other hand, business processes require information from the IT processes, and this interrelationship has to be governed as well. Most sites don’t have the money to employ expensive consultants wjth hand-craft a framework for them drawing from five others. In a blue book, would any two readers of this blog respond similarly?

These attributes can be used for more comprehensive assessment, gap analysis and improvement planning. It makes it easy to show the business and audit what is missing. But for those aspects covered by both frameworks, they complement each other and it is a good idea to use both guidances and a big piece of common sense xobit filter.


The OGC was commissioned to develop a methodology for efficient and effective use of IT resources within the British government. Comments Submitted by coco not verified on Tue, Service Operation SO Covers the effective and efficient delivery and support of services, and provides a benchmarked approach for event management, incident management, request fulfillment, problem management and access management.

In determining the propriety of any specific information, procedure or test, control professionals should apply mappinh own professional judgement to the specific control circumstances presented by the particular systems or information technology environment.

It will take some time before proper change management is truly a common practice.

COBIT Mapping: Mapping of ITIL V3 With COBIT 4.1

Disclosure The IT Skeptic receives or has received revenue mostly small amounts from the following organisations relevant to this blog: Moving from assumption to fact. AI5 Procure IT resources. DevOps isn’t a trademark of anyone. This decision should be based on the potential benefit and ease of implementation, and should include a focus on important IT processes and core competencies.

Glenn, I totally agree with Glenn, I totally agree with you on this. Understand and define the risks.