Executing CLISTs. To execute a CLIST, use the EXEC command. From an ISPF command line, type TSO in front of the command. In TSO/E EDIT or TEST mode. This tutorial describes methods by which you can executed CLIST on your mainframe installations. The CLIST language enables you to work more efficiently with TSO/E. You can write programs, called CLISTs, that perform given tasks or.

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A label ends with a colon: Getting Input from the User: Sorry, but I didn’t get it after search, that’s why I posted here. Tue Nov 02, 3: But based on the message you are getting, I think it is a problem with your exec and not the JCL.

This has the benefit of being ,ainframe for a person reading your code to understand the meaning without ambiguity. This, too, is just what it mainfram like. Hence you can devise elaborate systems, but do yourself a favor and keep it simple: Without parentheses to change the order, exponentiation is done first, then multiplication and division, then addition and subtraction again, like real math.

Get to a dropdown menu from that bar by clicking the sequence. Links to IBM doc: You can overtype the values shown, or select new values from one of the lists shown near the bottom left of the screen. Please be accurate in your questions if you want good answers. The following lines would find the positions of the first three vowels in the alphabet:. You just press enter whenever TSO displays cliist three-asterisk line.


Executing CLISTs

Comparisons are done after the math has been evaluated. Find the emulator-specific choice bar that should be at the very top of your TSO emulation window. Alain Belda William R. Run faster by minimizing the use of the FREE command.

What is a CLIST?

So you can set it up to run every time you Logon TSO. So choose names that are descriptive of what the user is expected to enter, so that, when prompted, they can guess what is wanted. Wed Nov 03, 2: The default is MSG, meaning messages are displayed.

Sorry againThe return code is 0 now On the next few lines put something super simple like — well, like the lines shown below. Do not be beguiled by the ease and allure cllist copying! Amend the DSN so the member name is in parentheses: Wed Nov 03, 1: Palmisano — Ginni Rometty —present. For example, from the ISPF command line, a user might say: Caveat — right, always with the caveats — and this one is pretty unlikely, so feel free to skip this paragraph — there are some special command tables that are probably not being used at your mainfeame, but possibly might be — there’s a slight chance — and in such command tables the person responsible for their setup can set it up such that command XYZ is only valid if it comes from some particular source or is invoked in some particular way.


You can use parentheses in expressions, just like maindrame regular math. Views Read Edit View history.

CLIST statement names, if any exist, have to be capitalized. Vincent Learson — Frank T. Note we said Copy, not Cut. Error when compiling a REXX exec with Or use the freely available manuals from the official IBM website. You use these to read input from the user and write lines to the screen, as already shown.

Communicating with the terminal userstarting on page The difference is that using the plus sign causes the removal of any leading blanks on the second line, whereas using the traditionally English-like hyphen leaves the blanks intact when the lines are stitched together. How to set your Cut-and-paste keys. The standard prompt tells the user the name of the parameter that is missing, whatever name you have chosen.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Remember that not all of these variables are populated if you did not specify the relevant optional parameters as mentioned in the preceding paragraph Shown below are some of the variables where your information comes back after you invoke LISTDSI.

I suggest that you provide a trace of your rexx exec.