“Desertion” by Clifford D. Simak, Vocabulary: Write the vocabulary definition and a synonym and antonym. ffl Aberration – something not part of the normal. Clifford Donald Simak was an American science fiction writer. He won three Hugo Awards and one Nebula Award. The Science Fiction Writers of America made. City is a science fiction fix-up novel by American writer Clifford D. Simak. The original . See also[edit]. “Call Me Joe” by Poul Anderson, a story similar to Simak’s “Desertion” (), which was incorporated into City.

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The science fiction element other than the Jovian location lies in the physical transmutation through biological science of humanity into A story about human settlement of the planets which is of its period in postulating a ‘patriotic’ though to a species, our own, not a nation willingness to sacrifice oneself for the sake of the future – albeit that we have the absurdity of sacrificing fit young males who are the future.

The basic sci-fi premise has aged well. The dogs intervene in nature and distribute food to wild animals, managing to end virtually all predation. So far, the first four test subjects have gone out into the wilds of Jupiter – and have not deswrtion. By means of a kaleidoscope-like instrument, he can twist the minds of other people so they can perform the mind trick. References to this work on external resources.

Novels by Clifford D. Sijak knew how important this was. Chess, stamp collecting, growing roses. Hezekiel in A Choice of Gods cannot accept this.

Desertion by Clifford D. Simak

Known for his pastoral SF, he often clifvord the easy narrative tool of violence. A planet that bears little resemblance to present Jupiter, having far too little metallic hydrogen and far too much solid surface.


Each successive tale tells of further breakdown of urban society. Time travel also plays an important role in the ingeniously constructed Time and Againwhich then ventures into metaphysics. This is, of course, nonsense but it does not really matter because, as a plot device, it gets you to the nub of the matter – that there might be a state of being to be discovered that is so superior to being human that one might as well ‘desert’ humanity altogether.

And here Daniel achieves an epiphany: Katherine rated it it was amazing Oct 14, On Jupiter, an experimental program is in place to transpose men into the bodies of Jovian native fauna in order to allow people to go out into the deserfion environment. All of them are significantly intelligent, and Simak appears to mean that they were so all the while even though humans were not able to notice it. Simak’s robot-awareness theme goes farthest in All the Traps of Earth.

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Add to Your books. From Heinlein to Here by James Gunn.

A scientist is accompanied by Towser, his tired and flea-bitten old dog. That alone fixes most of the plot holes being brought up. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow To ask other readers questions about Desertionplease sign dessertion. We’re on old solar system Jupiter.

Simak notes this is a “vicious story — so vicious that it is the only one of my stories adapted to television. By rejecting human existence for the alien, the characters subvert our preconception that human existence is special and tangibly worth living i.

Clifford D. Simak

People seem to misunderstand the point of the experiments. The original version consists of eight linked short stories, all originally published between andalong with brief “notes” on each of the stories. Richard rated it liked it Jul 19, One finds other traditional SF themes in Simak’s work. Looking back at how much I’ve written about it, this was a good story. A long-lost space traveler returns with a message which is SF-slanted yet religious in tone. Preview — Desertion by Clifford D. And the administrators were more prone to let people die or disappear without requiring lengthy and inconvenient progress-impeding inquiries.


Simak wrote the ninth and last tale in the City saga intwenty-two years after he wrote the previous episode. From to Clifford Simak wrote over 30 novels plus four non-fiction works with Way Station winning the Hugo Award.

It would be pointless to do so if people could only live in domes such as these, as that would expend far more resources than could ever be obtained from the planet.

After explaining what themes he avoids—no large-scale alien invasions, cliifford space wars, simk empire sagas—he states, “Overall, I have written in a quiet manner; there is little violence in my work. Retrieved from ” https: Short, a little old fashioned in style, but – it makes me feel like my skull is a little bit stretchier than it was before I read it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

Young People Read Old SFF | Desertion

I have tried at times to place humans in perspective against the vastness of universal time desertiln space. But it counts as sci-fi, too.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gloria Campos rated it really liked it May 26, The importance of knowledge and compassion in “Immigrant” and “Kindergarten”. There is an underlying theme throughout the book that humans possess a fundamental aggressive flaw they will never be able to overcome. Views Read Edit View history.