Claudio Robazza is an Associate Professor of Methods and didactics of motor activities at the Faculty of Movement Sciences, University of Chieti, Italy. Claudio Robazza, Italian sports psychologist, educator. Member of Sport Psychologists Association. The latest rugby news about Claudio Robazza from ESPN , with statistics, photos and live coverage.

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Posted in AbstractDesigning and implementing sport interventions Tags: There were two experimental conditions: Psychology of Sport and Exercise 10 2, Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. Hyperbrain features of team mental models within a juggling paradigm: These include competition routines, physical and technical warm-up, relaxation procedures, energising and de-energising techniques, imagery, self-talk and self-evaluation.

Analysis of Robazxa permits insight in this control mechanism. Stress and recovery balance in amateur basketball players: Monitoraggio psicofisiologico nello sport more. Subjective accounts of perceived control and hedonic tone of the core component of flaudio were assessed prior to and after each shot.

PBS state components encompass emotion, cognition, motivation, bodily clzudio, movement, performance, and communication. Psychology of Sport and Exercise 13 5, Performance-induced positive and negative emotions in sports more. Functional impact of emotions on athletic performance: The full links among core component scores and the full range of shooting scores were also examined through path analysis. The role of the motivational climate and motivation regulations more.


Athletic performance and recovery-stress factors in cycling: The purpose was to investigate the relationship between Heart Rate Variability HRV and performance in claudil of a basketball team during playoffs.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Relationship between performance and heart rate variability in amateur basketball players during playoffs more. Pre- and post- performance emotions in gymnastics competitions more.


Specifically, we examined the hypothesised mediational role of motivation regulations in the climate—emotion relationship. Two studies were conducted to develop a profiling procedure to assess eight modalities of performance-related states.

Sport PsychologyEmotionand Motivation Psychology. Psychology of Sport and Exercise 8 6, In Study 2, five top-level divers assessed their states before multiple dives three successful and three unsuccessful using a revised item list.

We used the recently introduced participative “juggling paradigm”, and collected neuro-physiological and psycho-social data. Perceptual and motor …. Conclusions Findings highlighted the benefits of using the MAP intervention model in the preparation of elite level shooters. Functional impact of emotions on athletic performance: Literature reviews in sport psychology, Relationship dlaudio biological markers and psychological states in elite basketball players across a competitive season more.

The following articles are merged in Scholar. Journal of Sports ….

Claudio Robazza: Mental training and performance optimization in sport | IP SPALC

Finally, the most influential core components were further assessed under conditions of increased distress and simulated competition. The aim of the study claaudio to examine differences in stress and recovery across gender and time preseason and play-offs in a sample of amateur basketball players of the Italian league C division.


Univariate follow-up ANOVA highlighted differences by gender on physical recovery, sleep quality, and self-efficacy, with higher scores in men.

HRV has become the conventionally accepted term to describe variations of both instantaneous heart rate and RR intervals Task Force, Moreover, differences between preseason and competition phases were shown on emotional stress and fatigue, with higher scores on emotional stress and lower scores on fatigue in the competition phase. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Dispositional goal orientations, motivational climate, and psychobiosocial states in youth sport L Bortoli, M Bertollo, C Robazza Personality and Individual Differences 47 1, The concurrent validity of the PBS-ST scale scores were also examined in comparison with two sport-specific emotion-related measures and a general measure of affect.

Two studies were conducted to develop a profiling procedure to assess eight Two step-down multiple regression models were used to estimate the relationship among recovery nine factors; e. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Email required Address never made public.