Archived Cigna financial reports and earnings releases can be accessed on this page. Find the shareholder information you need about Cigna online now. PDF ยท Form 10K (HTML). CIGNA Corporation does not currently have any hardcopy reports on Click the button below to request a report. Course details for the Cigna 10km Run including course maps, summary, start and finish times, cut off times and prizes.

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Cigna 10km – Hawke’s Bay International Marathon

CIGNA and its subsidiaries are cigja subject to state and federal laws relating to business entities. CIGNA had approximately 27, 28, and 28, employees as of December 31,andrespectively. Members are generally required to obtain referrals from their primary care general dentist to receive covered non-emergency services from participating specialists.

Terminating or transitioning arrangements with key vendors could result in additional costs and a risk of operational delays, potential errors and possible control issues as a result of the termination or during the transition phase. Under retrospectively experience-rated funding arrangements, a premium that typically includes a margin to partially protect against adverse claim fluctuations is determined at the beginning of the policy period.

Impact of foreign currency movements included in segment earnings. In order to reduce its exposure to large individual and catastrophic losses under group life, disability and accidental death policies, CIGNA Disability and Life purchases reinsurance from unaffiliated reinsurers. Repayment of long-term debt. Fixed maturities and equity securities include hybrid securities.

These affinity partners include banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions. These changes were widely viewed as clarification of existing rules or industry best practices.

Reimbursement for inpatient and outpatient services is made by CMS pursuant to laws and regulations governing the Medicare program. Mortality charges on variable universal life may be adjusted prospectively to reflect expected mortality experience.

The Company continues to focus on the development and enhancement of its service model that is capable of meeting the challenges brought on by the increasing product and service complexity and the heightened expectations of health care customers. The Company operates onsite health centers at five CIGNA employee locations and expects to open several onsite health clinics at other employer locations during Also, liabilities are established for estimated figna refunds based on the results of retrospectively experience-rated policies and applicable contract terms.


CIGNA HealthCare believes the most sustainable approach to enhancing quality and managing health care costs is to fully engage individuals in the decisions that affect their health and the health care services they receive.

Cigna Quarterly Reports and SEC Filings

Because these investments have a subordinate position in the capital structure, the Company assumes a higher level of risk for higher expected returns.

For the year ended December 31.

Shorter disability claim durations mean higher productivity and lower cost for employers and a better quality of life for their employees. Customers could experience cash flow problems and other financial difficulties in times of a sustained or significant deterioration in the economy. Industry rankings and percentages set forth cigns are for the year ended December 31,unless otherwise indicated. Pursuant vigna the requirements of Section 13 or 15 d of the Securities Exchange Act ofthe registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.

Summarized below is adjusted income from operations by segment:. The RBC rules recommend a minimum level of capital depending on the types and quality of investments held, the types of business written and the types of liabilities incurred. Management believes that it has the capabilities and appropriate ccigna to allow it to compete against both traditional and new competitors.

CareAllies SM offers a consistent set of services to address the clinical and administrative inconsistencies that are inherent in the multi-vendor approach. As with other experience-rated insurance products, CIGNA HealthCare may recover deficits from margins in future years if the policy is renewed.

There have been no sales of this particular product since Universal life cash values fluctuate with the amount of the premiums paid, mortality and expense charges made, and interest credited to the policy. Pressure on social health care systems and increased wealth and education in emerging markets is leading to higher demand for products providing health insurance and financial security.

In the event of a default, the Company would pursue remedies up to and including foreclosure jointly with the holders of the senior interests, but would receive repayment only after satisfaction of the senior interest.


Premiums and fees charged for HMO and most health insurance products cugna life insurance products are generally set in advance of the policy period and are typically guaranteed for one year unless specified cignx occur, such as changes in benefits, significant changes in enrollment or laws affecting the coverage or costs.

Financial Releases | Cigna

Cash Flows from Operating Activities: As of February 26,the debt ratings assigned by the following agencies were as follows: For life insurance products, the digna to which future experience deviates from mortality, morbidity and expense assumptions affects profitability. CIGNA and certain of its insurance subsidiaries are rated by nationally recognized rating agencies.

To further this objective, inthe Company made its call centers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In periods of equity market declines, the liability will increase; the program is designed to produce gains on the futures contracts to offset the increase in the liability.

The business of administering and insuring employee benefit programs, particularly health care programs, is heavily regulated by federal and state laws and administrative agencies, such as state departments of insurance and the federal Departments of Labor and Justice, as well as the courts.

Premiums and fees charged for disability and life insurance products are generally established in advance of the policy period and are often guaranteed for two to three years, but contracts may be subject to termination. Group disability coverage is typically employer-paid, but may also be employee-paid or a combination of employer and employee-paid. These products generally provide an alternative or supplement to government provided national health care programs. For example, the federal government requires Medicare and Medicaid providers to file detailed cost reports for health care services provided.

The Company manages its investment portfolios to generate cash flows needed to satisfy contractual obligations.