air-cooled chiller / floor-mounted / compact / exterior AQUACIAT 2 EVOLUTION LD / LDH / LDC · air/water . ceiling-mounted fan coil / duct UTA STANDARD. The complete “turnkey” system supplied by CIAT made a crucial difference: ultra- silent comfort units ( UTA Compact), Residenciat grilles. The V30 control system is a CIAT electronic control system devised to control a non-independent air UTA Compact. UTA Standard. MELODY cassette.

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There are no fixed panels therefore allowing complete access to all components within the AHU.

A new technologicalchallenge in terms ofperformanceLower noise levels: This independent intelligent control enables full management comlact each AHU as well as control of each option and accessory. The geothermal energy solution thatdoes away with boilers in existinghousingNow, thanks to Ckmpact Caleo, any existing homecan benefit from high temperature geothermaltechnology.

By smoothing the production of cooling energy, the STL A heat pump is above all chosen for itscapacity ciwt save energy. The ideal solution forevery requirement: This greatly reduces fits and starts when starting and considerably Water chillersand heat pumps: Because it easily meets themost stringent demands, Aquaciat Grand Inverter asserts itself as the indispensable solution High efficiency reversible heat pumpAquaciatGrand InverterHigh energy efficiencyis gaining momentumOptimised energy: The range offers wellbeing for occupants and peace of mind for managers.

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Remote monitoring of your system! CIAT’s expertise enables us to select the right equipment for any project. It comes in three sizes Its airflow rates fluctuate between to meter cube per hour Its operating range are specified as; a heating capacity of 8 to 57kW and a cooling capacity of 4 to 19kW It is equipped with a condensate drain pan which is slopped to prevent standing water It has a four speed motor constructed from either aluminum or galvanized steel It provides a wide selection of control options Its filter and unit access door feature are fitted with locks.


Offices, collectivehousing, hotels,industrial processes Over customers around the world benefit from our technology to improve both their energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Developedusing CIAT’s recognised expertisein heat exchange, air handling andelectronics, they deliver more forless. A complete range of accessoriesFor each of your projects, we can provide the accessory adapted to your needsfor fitting: Thanks to our extensive research and expertise our Ascom appoints Ljubisav Matejevic to lead the Strategic Alliances business Ascom ciwt further into its strategic partners business by appointing An Intuitive Cooling and Heating Device The UTA Standards Ductable Units is a temperature adjusting device that can be used to heat or cool both domestic and commercial spaces such as; business facilities, industrial structures and living spaces.

CIAT Air Solutionscbu ommsineess rciapa lrks sm supeall rmasiz and rketmedsou ediutlemts hyp la ermrge arou ketstlets airport lpoair latfo gisticter rms sminals sm woall rks,or compach hopslarige umun sizeitsd hesncbrankbabouop tiqupin esg c inentresshcitycsh Wall mounting plate, on IPN or ceiling unit to facilitate fittingFilter box for indoor environments with loaded airMixture unit to CIAT has created the Flexiway concept to cater forall types of space, their modular characteristicsand Aquaciat caleo heat pump4 models for large homesLarge villas, ancestral homes or even manor houses, completely refurbished or poorly insulated…However your home is laid out, the Aquaciat caleo can adapt its power to meet your demands.

With its pure lines and an ecologically-based design that meet new building requirements, Major Line is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Thesesolutionscombinecompatible equipment to provide comfort,indoor air quality and energy optimisation.


The system is ua with twocomplementary forms fompact energy — natural gas and Its elegant lines blend in perfectly with modern interiors and make Major Line compacf centrepiece We select the very best hydraulic equipment and But choosing to install an Aquaciat caleo also means that you benet fromequipment which is more reliable, quieter and more environmentally-sound The water temperature is controlled with unrivalled precision Aquaciat Power does exactly this by using heat recovery, a conceptthat Our optionstailored to the specificneeds of your markethave been designed tokeep your equipmentrunning smoothly andto save time, duringmaintenance Designed to handle the requirements of allkinds of buildings and applications, New comfort unitCoadis LinePerformance – Comfort – DesignBoth sleek and efficient, the innovative Coadis Line meets the mostdemanding heating and cooling needs while ensuring optimal indoorair quality for occupants of tertiary buildings.

Offices, collectivehousing, shoppingcentres, hotels,industrial processes These solutions combine compatibleequipment to provide comfort, Related Searches Wall-mounted fan coil unit Healthcare facility dry cooler Classic air conditioning unit Hot water heater.

Industrial car and truck factory – EnsoProjects

AquaciatpowerWhen Ciat brings togetherDiscover Aquaciat Power, a range that combines the besttechnology has to offer with smart control to guaranteeyou unsurpassed capacity, energy efficiency andprotection of the environment. The same level of comfortwith maximum savingsand with no CO2 emissionsAgeo caleo allows you to benefit fromthe economic advantages of a heat pumpand copmact the environment at the sametime.

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