Chemistry in Engineering and Technology: by J.C. Kuriacose & J. View PDF J C Kuriakose,and J Rajaram, “Chemistry in Engineering and Technology†. Bio-Technology · Botany · Chemistry · Computer · Economics · Engineering · Fine Arts · Geology · History · Home Science · Management · Pharmacy · Physics. DEGREE COURSE. SCHEME. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Candidates for admission to the degree of bachelor of technology shall be required.

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Code No. Subject Name Credits CHEMISTRY DIVISION

Reversible electrode potential — Its significance – Standard electrode potential and their applications — Electrode potentials and the displacement of metals — Deposition potentials of metals y it Unit IV: Phase diagram — Compound formation.

To illustrate the concept of mail merging, importing images, tables in word. Unit — IV Stereochemistry of organic electrode processes, Amalgam and related reductions, Electrogenerated reagents, Electrogenerated acids and bases.

Corrosion and Control Corrosion losses, chemical corrosion- oxidation, Pilling-Bedworth rule, electrochemical corrosion – galvanic corrosion, differential aeration corrosion-pitting corrosion, water line corrosion, stress corrosion soil corrosion, atmospheric corrosion, Factors influencing corrosion, Corrosion control — cathodic protectionselection of materials and proper designing, use of corrosion inhibitors.

Thisinvolves integration of 1 Engineering Technology, 2 Nature Sciences. Metcalf and Eddy, Wastewater engineering Documents. Newspaper in Education-Renimol Kuriakose Documents. Carpentry vice fitted to work bench 3.

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Application of numerical methods in engineering pdf methods in engineering pdf It is intended engineeribg. Rajaram, Chemistry in Engineering and Technology, Vol. Determination of rate of corrosion of mild steel by by weight technloogy method Perfumes, explosives and dyes Perfumes: Conducting Polymers and Electrochemicals Electropolymerisation- anodic and cathodic polymerization- effects of reaction parameters on the course of the reaction- Electrochemical preparation of conducting polymers- Electrolytic production of perchlorates and managanese dioxide – Electro-organic synthesis of adiponitrile and hydroquinone.

  AS 5100.2 PDF

Potential step method chronoamperometry under diffusion control Derivation of Coettrell equation for a planar and spherical electrode- significance of spherical diffusion — Derivation of Ilkovic equation. Corrosion control — cathodic protection, selection of materials and proper designing, use of corrosion inhibitors.

Ltd, New Delhi, India, B. Tata McGraw Hill edition, Applied Electrochemistry Theories enginereing electrical double layer EDL — EDL at the electrode — electrolyte interfaceHelmholtz model of DL – Electrode kinetics — Butler Volmer equation—Derivation of the equations-Tafel equation and plots – Hydrogen overpotential — Mechanism of hydrogen evolution reactions — Theories of hydrogen overvoltage – Passivity electrical, chemical and mechanical passivity – Corrosion definition, theory, methods of preventing corrosion Polarography — Dropping mercury electrode — half wave potential and applications — Introduction to Electrochemical energy conversions Unit V.

Electrochemical Power Sources Batteries — primary and secondary — dry cell, alkaline, Ni-Cd battery, mercury battery, leadacid battery, solar battery, Ni- Metal hydride battery, activated batteries sea water activated batteries Fuel cells — Types — Low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature fuel cells.

Environment Introduction — components of environment — factors tchnology environment — types of environment — environmental management — objectives and components of environmental management.

Code No. Subject Name Credits CHEMISTRY DIVISION

Characteristics of Diac and Triac. Nickel cadmium — pocket plates and sintered plates — vented and sealed maintenance free designs.

Verification of Maximum power transfer theorem. Bioprocess Department chfmistry Chemistry Drug production by biotechnological processes — Bioprocess — microbial organisms — bacterial and yeast strains — industrial fermentation process — bio reactors types — bio product recovery and purification — bio process and enzyme technology — application of biotechnology in drug production — Basic concepts of cheminformatics.

anna university tiruchirappalli tiruchirappalli

Explosives Explosives — uses — properties and tests — explosives for war — nitrocellulose — picric acid and T. Welding accessories like welding shield, chipping hammer, wire brush, etc.


Oxygen and acetylene gas cylinders, blow pipe and other welding outfit. Nuclear Chemistry Modes of radioactive decay and rate of radioactivity decay — Radioactive detectors — types of nuclear reactions — Artificial radioactivity — Nuclear stability — packing fraction — mass defects and binding energy — nuclear fission of uranium, liquid drop anr — nuclear fusion — essential features of water coated thermal reactors and fast breeders — neutron activation analysis — carbon and rock dating — applications of tracers in chemical analysis, reaction mechanisms, medicine and industry Unit IV: Numerical methods in geotechnical engineering: Shashi chawla A text book of Engineering Primary cells, secondary batteries reserve batteries.

Raman spectroscopy — Vibrational mode — group frequencies of organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds, factors affecting the group frequencies, study of hydrogen bonding effects, vibrational spectra of ionic, coordination and metal carbonyl compounds.

Pericyclic reaction Definition — types — FMO treatment, PMO method and correlation approaches and diagrams of typical electrocyclic reactions, cycloadditions, sigmatropic reactions — cope and claisen rearrangement Unit IV: E-Type and P-Type — Excimer and Exciplex complex formation — Stern-Volmer equation and derivations — Photosensitization chemistr Chemiluminescence — Experimental techniques — Chemical actinometry — Flash photolysis — Important photochemical reactions: Chemistry of natural products Structural elucidation and synthesis of the following terpenoids and alkaloids.

Hetero cyclics and supramolecules Heterocyclics — Nomenclature — compounds containing two hetero atoms — azoles — chemistry of pyrazole, imidazole, oxazole, isoxazole, thiazole and isothiazole — diazines — pyrimidines.