Did you ever read or hear Chemical Secret? Ok! Today, i will talk about Chemical Secret named by Tim Vicary. First, this book’s main characters. THRILLER & ADVENTURE. Tim Vicary. CEFR B1 Word count 10, The job was too good. There had to be a problem – and there was. John Duncan was an . The job was too good. There had to be a problem – and there was. John Duncan was an honest man, but he needed money. He had children to look after.

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What do I do when I get involved in such situation like that?

One day he split some of the waste products on his leg and he had to go to the doctor, because in left a red, painful place on his skin. A man works at chemical factory. His life change when he got the new job. Oct 07, Shunsuke Matsui rated ttim liked it. The job was too good.

I love the open ending, It makes me consider a lot of options. The main character, John, was a chemist and works for a painting factory.

Chemical Secret by Tim Vicary

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Which is better that you do not eat any sea products because you worry about getting polluted products into you bodies or trust the government and producers and eat your dishes which have probable polluted? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

So, what is important is to thank for an ordinary day. I often try to separate trash well. This is very sad story. Actually, I’m not honest. The hero’s name was ‘Ducan’. They could live big house and John looked like very happy man. A food chain causes miserable outcome in case vkcary this story. He and his two children were living in the small, miserable flat.

Chemical Secret

Their relationship became worse and worse. I thougt it was a very stupid book because it took me a long time to read it. Look inside Share Print. The company throw out chemical product into a river. He and his children: Mr Duncan was a very good biologist and in factory all day he had to test different types of paints. I learned the chemical has a lot of influences towards any animals. Have you ever considered environment?

When he’s not writing he likes horse-riding, cycling, and swimming. Of course, money can change our life dramatically but we shouldn’t forget we lost true happiness if we got much money.


The factory of owner let to Mr,Ducan for interview. To view it, click here. Since it’s an easy book, i would reccomend it to people who are just starting at reading English books. It’s necessary for safety of human, but we have to keep experiments to a minimum. I read the book Chemical Secret by Tim Vicary. I can recommend the book, if you like reading in English of course. I can feel his concern and pain. I don’t like the open ending, it makes me consider a lot of options. Level 3 Language Level: This story is about John Duncan forty-five-year-old man.

He knew they flows the dangerous chemical into the river- he saw rats babies with no legs, no arms, or two heads, but he could do anything about that – he suggested his boss to put a machine for clean the chemical water, but his boss disagreed it and threated him to fire him.

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