clip(to:mask:) Maps a mask into the specified rectangle and intersects it with . The angle, in radians, by which to rotate the coordinate space of the specified. Declaration. func UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext() -> CGContext? func UIGraphicsPushContext(CGContext). Makes the specified graphics context the current.

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CGColor Space, bitmap Info: If S is 0the point in the clipping area is unchanged. CGRect Paints the area of the ellipse that fits inside the provided rectangle, using the fill color in the current graphics state.

For example, if S is 0then the point in the clipping area becomes transparent.

CGContext Reference | ios Tutorial

Referencw with the Current Clipping Path. I think a little more detail is required. CGRect Sets the clipping path to the intersection of the current clipping path with the area defined by the specified rectangle.

Int Returns the bits per component of a bitmap context.

If mask is an image, then it must be in the DeviceGray color space, may not have an alpha component, and may not be masked by an image mask or masking color. Sign up using Facebook. Paints a gradient fill that varies along the line cgcontexr by the provided starting and ending points. Do you understand, or I unnecessarily complicate?

Assuming that you mean that you want to draw the cgontext ‘inside’ your figure, the referejce way would be to create a cgpath of your figure, make sure the path is closed, and then CGContextClipToPath context, path ADDED I’ve just tested your code, and as Peter said, it should work.

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Returns a pointer to the image data associated with a bitmap context. CGRect Returns the bounding box of a clipping path. Drawing Gradients and Shadings. Sign up using Email and Password. Int, bytes Per Row: And now I want to fill this figure with UIImage. Managing the Color Rendering Intent. WHen you say ‘fill’, do you mean fill as in a paint program, or do you mean you just want to paint your image to the context, or do you need to mask your image with your figure?

Compositing operators, described in terms of having source and destination images, each having an opaque and transparent region.

Saving and Restoring the Current Graphics State

Begins a transparency layer. Enables shadowing with color a graphics context. Int Displays an array of glyphs at the current text position.

An image or an image mask. CGRect Strokes an ellipse that fits inside the specified rectangle. Returns a path object built from the current path information in a graphics context.

The attributes used to create this instance. CGFloat Paints a rectangular path, using the specified line width. If the mask parameter is an image, then mask acts like an alpha mask and is blended with the current clipping area. Int Displays a character string at a position you specify. CGRect Returns the smallest rectangle that contains the current path. Drawing Core Graphics Layers.


A graphics context contains drawing parameters and all device-specific information needed to render the paint on a page to the destination, whether the destination is a window in an application, a bitmap image, a PDF reterence, or a printer. Returns the color space of a bitmap context.

CGContext Reference

Begins a new page in a PDF graphics context. Flushing Graphics to the Context. CGFloat Changes the origin of the user coordinate system in a context. Unsafe Mutable Raw Pointer, flipped: Cgcontedt the alpha information associated with the context, which indicates how a bitmap context handles the alpha component.

Bool Draws an image in the specified area. CGText Encoding Sets the font and font size in a graphics context.

rotate(by:) – CGContext | Apple Developer Documentation

Pops a graphics context from the per-thread stack, makes it current, and sends the context a restore Graphics State message. Bool Indicates whether the current path contains any subpaths. CGGradient Drawing Options Paints a gradient fill that varies along the area defined by the provided starting and ending circles.