Genus, Cavia Pallas, Species, Cavia tschudii Fitzinger, – Montane Guinea Pig. Direct Children: Subspecies, Cavia tschudii arequipae Osgood, AnAge entry for Cavia tschudii. Classification (HAGRID: ). Taxonomy: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia (Taxon entry). Familia: Caviidae Subfamilia: Caviinae Genus: Cavia Species: Cavia tschudii. Name[edit]. Cavia tschudii Fitzinger,

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Isis von Oken 24 6: Eds Mammal species of the World: Using a double-staining procedure they could identify those chromosomes as tschydii 1, 3, 9, cacia and 14 of the quinacrine banded stained karyotype. Specifically, the fertility of the heterozygotes for the pericentric inversions described here should be further investigated to evaluate the contribution of those chromosomal changes to the divergence of the two Cavia species. Bennett inwho termed them Cavia cutleri.

Montane guinea pig

Keywords Amphibia Anura Atlantic Forest Brazil Insecta Mammalia Mollusca Reptilia Squamata biodiversity conservation distribution diversity geographic distribution ichthyofauna inventory new record new records range extension species inventory taxonomy. While being domesticated, those populations must have been small in size and with only a few individuals participating as parents in the reproductive process, which over many generations would have produced high levels of endogamy.

Redford 15 May Received Mar 13; Accepted Jun If that is the case, the absence or reduced recombination between the inverted and non inverted genomic regions in the Cavia pericentric inversions, would be the cause of genetic divergence accumulation and reduction of gene flow between the two chromosomal forms, as it was proposed as a general model of speciation by several authors Noor et al. Annals and Magazine of Natural Historyser.


An update of the taxonomy, systematics, and distribution of the mammals of Salta Province, Argentina.

Honoring the Life and Legacy of Oliver P. The boliviensis group of Akodon Rodentia: To investigate the genetic divergence between the wild and domestic species of guinea pigs from a cytogenetic perspective, we characterized and compared the C, G and AgNOR banded karyotypes of molecularly identified Cavia tschudii and Cavia porcellus Linnaeus, specimens for the first time.

Experimental Cell Research However, the amount of constitutive heterochromatin was appreciably greater in Cavia tschudii than in Cavia porcellusspreading over most of the short arms in several subtelocentric chromosomes Fig. It is even more difficult to obtain descendants from crosses between different chromosomal races or species in the laboratory Walker et al.

Montane Guinea Pig (Cavia tschudii) ·

The montane guinea pig has a gestation period around 63 days. Our objective is to discover the chromosomal and genomic differences between these two species of Cavia in relation to the divergence associated with the domestication process. Cavia tschudii Fitzinger, is a wild species of guinea pig RodentiaCaviidae which inhabits northern Chile, southern Peru and Bolivia and northwestern Argentina WeirWoods and Kilpatrick By contrast, the crosses between Cavia porcellus and Cavia aperea sensu Erxleben, Pictet and FerreroRood and between Cavia porcellus and Cavia cutleri Tschudi, sensu Bennet, Castle produced hybrids which were fertile in both sexes.

Weygandianis, Lipsiae, pp. Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften. It has been proposed that this variability would depend mainly on the specific metabolic demands of cells and individuals Mikelsaar et al.


Cavia tschudii

Although we repeatedly tried to cross our specimens of Cavia tschudii with Cavia porcellus in our laboratory, we have had no success yet. Both species showed 64 chromosomes of similar morphology, although C. It lives in moist habitats with rocks and coarse vegetation, making runways through the foliage.

Tschurii, Cavia cutleri Bennet, is now considered a synonym of Cavia porcellus Woods and Kilpatrick In any case, the assignation of the individuals from Arequipa to Cavia cutleri Bennet was not well documented in that study, since it was based only on the smaller body size of those individuals with respect to domestic Cavia porcellus Castle The role of chromosome change.

Cavia tschudii Fitzinger, [2].

Montane guinea pig Conservation status. Capybara Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris Lesser Capybara Hydrochoerus isthmius. Specifically, the heterozygotes for the pericentric inversions would have decreased their fertility since their gametes would be unbalanced as a result of crossing-over in the inverted segment Coyne et al.

Cavia tschudii – Wikispecies

The montane guinea pig is native to the high Andes in South America. Rock Cavy Kerodon rupestris Acrobatic cavy Kerodon acrobata. Partial G band correspondence detected among the four submetacentric chromosomes present only in the C.