The Capitation Grant has been introduced in Ghana in by the former NPP Government. It was introduced with the intention of facilitating the achievement of . fees abolition policy, the Capitation Grant (CG), to spur the attainment of universal access to the basic education goal under the Ghana Growth. Report by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) in Accra on Ms Hague said the Citizens’ Assessment of Ghana’s Capitation Grant .

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Nevertheless, most African countries have started devoting substantial proportion of their incomes as well as their foreign aid to the education sector. In Ghana, some children do not attend school, because their parents are unable to afford levies and fees charged by schools.

The target population of the study constituted caiptation of the stakeholders of the Capitation Grant Scheme.

This means that parents saw the non-payment of fees, provision of textbooks and exercise books by the government as a good motivation in helping them send their children to school. The need for a systematic unveiling of the influence of the capitation grant resulted in the formation of the following research questions:.

These included head teachers, teachers as well as parents. Education is a human right that has immense power to transform society. In a bid to strengthen the foundational skills and generate interest in mathematics, science and technology, government intends introducing the Basic Science, Capitatjon, Engineering and Mathematics BSTEM programme in all basic schools. A sample of 15 basic schools consisting of primary and JHS were purposely and randomly selected for this study.

Capitation Grant – Schools in Ghana

The disparity increased significantly between and at a rate of 4. Parents saw the introduction of the scheme as a great relief to them. Drucker noted that an abundant and increasing supply of highly educated people has become an absolute prerequisite for social and economic development in the world.

The study adopted the descriptive survey design that focused on the influence of the Capitation Grant on basic education delivery in the Ga West Municipality. Incidental sampling was used to select 3 parents each, from the communities where the 15 selected schools were located.


Meanwhile, parents and teachers who spoke to the Daily Statesman were full of praise to the government for increasing the capitation grant by a hundred per cent.

#Ghbudget: Capitation grant to increase in –

The previous NPP government, led by former President John Agyekum Kufour, reinforced free basic education through the disbursement of capitation grants, with an initial amount of GHC 3. Any queries should be directed to the corresponding author of the article.

The amount was slightly increased to GHC 4. The secondary data were situated in the background and literature whereas the primary data constituted responses from participants trant Ga West Municipality.

Effects of Capitation Grant on Education Outcomes in Ghana

For government primary and JSS schools no schoolfees need to be paid anymore. The significance of textbooks in schools especially at the basic level cannot be overemphasized- hence, this data reflects a serious challenge to the policy.

It is clear from the suggestions that, timeous disbursement of the Capitation Grant, increase in the amount per child relative to the grant, improved infrastructure, more manpower especially teachers and continuing education regarding the implementation of the grant were key for improving education delivery under the grant. Its foundation rests on the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.

The NER in pre-schools remained almost the same before and after the capitation grant scheme at Besides, government will fully absorb BECE registration fees and also continue to subsidize the registration fees of private JHS students.

1. Background and Context

However, over the years, the cumulative effects of these educational reviews and reforms have not met the desired objectives of achieving access and appropriate educational management at the basic level. Presenting the Budget before lawmakers on Wednesday, November 15, the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, also indicated that, government had absorbed 70 percent of the BECE registration fees as subsidies for all registered candidates in public Junior High Schools.

This increase, although low, could be attributed to the Capitation Grant.

As reflected in the GER, since the gap between boys and girls in NER in primary schools has closed up quite considerably to a difference of only 0. A plausible explanation for the upward change in the pupil-teacher ratio could be the disproportionate enrolment of pupils to the number of ghzna the government employed within the period of to Threads for this page.


The introduction of the Capitation Grant is rooted in the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, which made provision for a policy on free education to be implemented capitahion two years of its coming into force. This finding is congruent with the argument of Bonney and Drucker that any intervention that addresses the central pillars of education teaching and learning is warranted and should be sustained.

Capitation is a payment of an equal amount of money to each person in the context of this research, for each basic school pupil. From the data collected, about From the responses of the head teachers and teachers, one can deduce that the grant largely had an influence on parents sending their children or wards to school. Based on these propositions, several education capittion have been instituted at one time or the other sinceostensibly to make education more accessible to every section of the capiattion.

An analysis of the background issues and the views expressed in the literature show that the Capitation Grant Scheme reflects two major strategic directives. Even though this declined to less than two percent inthe gap widened again to nearly seven percentage points in This version of Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

However, the implementation of the FCUBE could not be achieved in full, with regards to its primary aim of accessibility and free education, due to unfavorable economic conditions of the country Atagra, Table 1 shows the responses of teachers on how the introduction of the Capitation Grant affected the production and use of teaching and learning materials in large classes.

Improvement in Teaching and Learning as a result of the grant. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to contribute to this site. The key findings of the study are categorized in line with the research questions and key variables investigated.