年1月23日 CalcuSyn is a software tool whose main purpose is to aid individuals in analyzing mixed drug treatments, a more and more used practice in. combination-index data generated by CalcuSyn software analyses .. and antagonism, respectively (Source: CalcuSyn manual, Biosoft, ). Manual and Software, Biosoft, Cambridge, U.K., Chou, T.-C. and Hayball , M. CalcuSyn for Windows, Multiple-drug dose-effect analyzer and manual.

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The plots drawn by CalcuSyn include dose-effect, median-effect, isobolograms and CI-effect. This normalize isobologram provides information of synergism or antagonism of each combination data point but will not provide the information of the dose and Fa in the normalized isobologram. However, if drug 1 and drug 2 do not yield parallel lines in the median-effect plot, calcisyn is difficult to determine exclusivity.

Using the Program 25 Step 4 – Enter the remaining points by pressing Enter or clicking on New to bring up the new points dialog. Analysis of combined drug effects: Highlighted paper with an editorial.

When drug 1 and drug 2 yield parallel lines in the median-effect plot and the mixture of the two drugs also yields a parallel line, mutual exclusivity is indicated 6,8. Complexity and Pitfalls There are ambiguous definitions of synergism and numerous unsubstantiated claims of synergy in biomedical literature. The errors of estimate can be from several sources, e. The combined effect predicted by the mass-action law principle.

EDisobol, EDisobol, EDisobol, etc A graph indicating the equipotent combinations of various doses; it can be used to illustrate additivity, synergism, or antagonism. In a higher order system such as life cells or animals, the situations are more complex.


Computer Software

Assessment of synergistic and antagonistic effect of chemotherapeutic agents in vitro. Step 4 – Select the drugs from the list, ensuring that constant ratio is ticked and then enter the ratio and click OK. It must be typed exactly as shown although the case of the letters is not crucial. The Dose-reduction Index of Chou The dose-reduction index DRI is a manuap of how much the dose of each drug in a synergistic combination may be reduced at a given effect level compared with the doses for each drug alone.

Click the Next button to proceed to the next page of the wizard. In this case, the component combinations can also be determined for their synergism or antagonism e. Combination drugs will also show the CI plot. In conclusion, CalcuSyn is an efficient piece of software which dalcusyn help people in creating new mixed drug treatment and more effective ones. Drug Import CalcuSyn offers you the option of importing drug data from a tab separated text file and to automatically generate an experiment containing those drugs within CalcuSyn.

The ranges of CI and the symbols are refined from those described earlier by Chou Pyrethins Data points entered: ADP Fraction affected uM 0. Sometimes, more than one ratio is made e.

For each drug in the set there are two lines of data: A Derived Unified Theory: It is determined from the x-intercept of the median-effect plot. Enter the name of the file to export to and click Save.


Production of other copies is not permitted. A new experiment will then be created and the drug data imported. Quantitation of synergism and antagonism of two or more drugs by computerized analysis.

You can import a minimum of 1 and a czlcusyn of 20 sets of data from a single text calcusny. Furthermore, the classic isobologram or the conservative isobologam cannot be constructed for the non-constant ratio design. These ambiguous practices generate confusion.

Analysis of drug interactions.

There are flexible arrangements for printing of results and graphs and their export to spreadsheets, wordprocessors, graphics packages etc. It is good practice to place [start] on a new line in the text file. Examples of the wizard pages: Graphs Graphs will show the certainty limits on the CI graph.

For simplicity, mutual exclusivity is usually assumed when more than two drugs are involved in combinations 8,9, There is no easy way to answer the synergy question. Reports You can export report data to a text. Accuracy of Measurement and Conformity to the Mass-action Law The linear correlation coefficient, r, of the median-effect plot should be reasonably good. Chou in 12and has since been used in many publications Several attempts have been made to quantitatively measure the dose-effect relationship of each drug alone and its combinations and to determine whether a given combination would gain a synergistic effect.

Chemotherapeutic synergism, potentiation and antagonism.